My name is Michael.
Hmmm… Well… lets see… im 29 years old.
My Life path number is 8
I live in California (prop 215!)

I cuss too much and if I offend you I apologize
Trust me when I say I only mean well!! =)
Also I say ‘like’ a ton
thats just how I talk in real life
and I generally type as I am talking/thinking

Ive probably done too many drugs and I have the memory of one of those NASA foam beds
High school drop out
Not too bright
Cant really spell too well
Ill probably repeat myself a bunch cause I know I will be too lazy to go back and see if I already blogged about whatever
I definitely encourage anyone reading to comment
voice your own opinion
id love to hear it

I also ask one favor of you
please if you do read this blog
Imagine me speaking it to you in sort of a Patrice ONeal/Colin Quinn cadence
imagine yourself in some smokey comedy dive bar really enjoying the shit out of your time
Maybe youre there with someone who really makes your nether regions hurt
And the smell of tri-tip is in the air too, i forgot to mention that

But please read it is a piece of comedy
im extremely ignorant and dont really have a point
just using this as a tool to chronicle my thoughts diary style =)


47 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your image of the camel and the pyramids. Does the camel represent you? This reminds me to ask: Have you read Apuleius book, The Golden Ass? I read the Relihan translation. A well educated young man dabbles in magic and gets turned into an ass and has many adventures. It’s a hilarious, bawdy story with a spiritual ending, written about 150 AD. i can imagine you enjoying it.

    • Its a stock layout on wordpress. Im a moron and cant figure out how to change the picture, so I figured Id just go with the one that spoke to me the most lol
      Ive never heard of the Golden Ass, but im googling it right now. People seem to have a strong opinions of the book. What is the underlying message of the book?

  2. Good question! The academics say that it may not really have a message, its just an action/adventure sort of book. However, the plot is about a well to do young man who dabbles in magic, and gets turned into an ass. He sees and experiences the seamy side of humanity as an ass, and, at the end, he has a vision of Isis, Queen of Heaven, who helps him to transform back into a human, after which he becomes her priestess. I guess maybe it’s a story of the struggle to overcome fate and the redemptive power of the godhead, but told by a storyteller, without any moralizing. –Aggie

  3. Man, you are all over the place! 😉 (In a good way!) I just noticed you saw my blog post about Cayce. Your pyramid photo reminds me of him.

    I also saw your chart. No wonder you have a blog with all kinds of things, and are way out there! 😀 I also noticed you have most of your planets in the upper half, and I think 3 in your 12th house. Interesting. You also had (I think Saturn and Jupiter) in your 10th — you have to work for what you want, but you can make it grand with that Jupiter there.

    Thanks for visiting my site, and it’s interesting to see you talk about Mormons, too. I learned about Mormonism in my 20s. I recently did some readings for some Mormons about their genealogy. Very interesting.

    I will have to come back and visit more. I’m not so up on the fundamentals of WordPress, either, so I stumble around a lot here! lol

    It was fun reading your blog! 🙂

  4. Hi Michael…. then you are a writer, but there is discipline in that. So dedicate one page to a “story ” with no beginning – middle – or end, but full of character and torture…..see where it goes.

    Rodney from selfextreming.com

    • dude drop me some camel knowledge. I dont know anything about them lol… is it fat or is it water??? fuck now you got me wondering haha… this is going to be hilarious since I changed my layout, people are going to be like “wtfs with all the camel talk?!” haha

  5. You sound like half of my friends give or take a few things and your vocabulary seems good to me. Then again punctuation and grammar were not my best classes, but I love to write. 🙂

  6. I was thinking about you earlier. I think you are a very special person with an amazing soul and unimaginable promise. I’m truly honored that your read my blog. I can tell you are a great thinker and I really love the way your mind works, my friend.


  7. You know, your spelling is just fine and your unique voice is interesting. It’s good to have a place to write, to expose who we are. We learn a lot about ourselves this way. Hope you continue to have fun. It’s supposed to be. 🙂

  8. I don’t think people can cuss too much depending on their company. With a blog, your company is the internet, and lemme tell you…you can’t possibly cuss as much as the whole of the world wide web. 😛

  9. Haha! Hey thanks for stopping by Voice Travel. Have ever read Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger? Your voice reminds me of him 🙂 x

  10. OK, just in case Eckhart Tolle didn’t include this in his philosophical rants, never put yourself down. Unless that’s part of your schtick. 🙂

    You have some wonderful images in your writing. Yes, for me, the cussing is over the top. But you also have a good sense of humor. Keep on writing.

  11. You just liked my post which made me curiously looking into your site. I just read your “about” page. I have to say that I am very impressed by your honesty and the pureness of your words. I like people that embrace who they are with everything in their history but making something constructive out of their experiences. I saw that you already postet a lot and I will make it an effort to “work me through” it (since English is not my mother tongue, this is not so easy at times – as far as I read one of your blogs… 😉 ). I follow you now because I appreciate your authenticity. I think you are a very grateful person, live your life to the fullest, and are not ashamed to vouch for yourself. I think that you are not one of those that make themselves dependent on the approval of others. You walk the path you feel you have to follow. This way your life is filled with lots of experiences and insights. What else is life about?

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  13. Just stumbled across this and fell in love with it. Read like, 3 of them, and want to keep going but don’t want to run out… So could you please write more? K thanks

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