oohhh shit son
something kind of bizarre happened on Saturday night
driving home after the UFC fights from Denair to Turlock
id say a little after 10pmish
I became aware of this bright red light in the sky, idk, id say 500 yards away
but wtf do i know about distances right?

it was a clear nights sky, really beautiful if thats an accurate memory
so I keep driving
i’m driving past the local cemetery of “the unknown mexican” fame
and after the trees pass, I can see 3 of these red lights
you know me
I definitely don’t have the best short term memory so i’m gonna go ahead and fuck up my story right off the bat
I want to say that when I first saw all 3 of the initial lights that they were aligned straight up and down
like a 5000 ft tall streetlight
so idk what i’m thinking
its too high in the air to be a radio tower and they are just suspended there
so i continue towards home
driving east
the street i was on, Zeering, changes into a different street called Christofferson
but if you we’re to make me guess, id triangulate that it was about a mile or so away, NE

so as soon as I get into Turlock I see these 3 lights start to move
like the center one stays exactly where it is
and the one on top moves to the right and the one on bottom to the left
so i’m like WTF IS THAT?!

let me start by saying, if you’ve read any past blogs you’ll know that everything i own somehow breaks
my samsung note 2 is a piece of dog shit
it randomly gave me a circle with a line thru it icon on the top of my phone
and apparently because my screen is cracked those fucks wont fix my problem
whatever, tangent
but so you know, i got no service on the phone, i’m carting it around like an asshole while I’m borrowing my wife’s grandparents flip phone
i’m scrambling to take it out and record and the mother fucker just hits me with the standard error message that all people trying to film UFOs i’m sure get haha
it froze twice and I got mad and gave up
my camera has never not worked, but for some reason, i couldnt film shit on it
and later on that night it was working just fine
well not just fine, it still has a myriad of problems
but the camera seemed to work
but anyway

so the whole time, i’m in a hurry to get home to tell my wife about this bullshit
I only live about 5-6 minutes away from Denair
but by the time I was about a minute away
the shapes, which at this point have made a very decisive strong triangle in the sky and have also leveled out vertically as I was driving
had all but disappeared as they made their way south towards the moon

so I crash into my driveway like a maniac and run inside and grab my wife
we were fighting earlier in the day about some bullshit
oh yeah
she didn’t wake me up the night before
she left me on the couch and didn’t even turn off the lamp or the tv
so i wake up, back hurting, pissed off
fuuuck, another tangent
anyway, I was planning on just creeping into my garage and serve her with a healthy dose of silent treatment
but instead I burst in and i’m like “BABE! YOU GOTTA GET THE FUCK OUT HERE! UFO!”
so she like casually puts down her magazine and her face looks like one massive eye roll

so now, in my front yard we are staring at the night sky as i frantically try to explain to her what i just saw
shes like yawning, shivering outside, not long for my bullshit
and its a full moon out, ya know? and Jupiter is just chillin right next to the moon from our perspective

almost immediately i’m thinking theres no way anyone will ever believe this
especially my wife haha
but what is there to believe? i saw lights? bfd right?

so i’m like, “Dude, let me see your phone”
she has the exact same phone as me and hers works pretty good
so all that bullshit i was talking about samsung
lets be honest, i appear to be the x factor haha

but i fire up her phone
and guess fucking what?!

well, you gotta watch the video
fast forward to like 3:20 seconds or so I think
fuckin crayyy!!!


well what do you think?
it looks like crap cause i’m trying to record the nights sky on a cell phone camera
but they looked ALOT closer in real life than they do on the video
is it the same lights as the “Phoenix Lights”?
you know what? I googled and it appears to be a common sighting in central california
even the national geographics website has a blurb about it
so it must not be that big of a deal, but it still freaked the shit out of me
i was standing outside, palms up, trying to communicate with the fuckers haha

and listen aliens, if you somehow read this
i’m cool
i won’t say shit haha

I gotta think though, throughout the history of mankind
how many morons recorded unidentified flying objects?
but no one seems to care
I went to work on Monday and some dude asked me how my weekend was and I was like “Eh, it was cool. BBQ’d at my boys in Stockton for the game. Watched that UFC fight. Oh yeah, and uh, I saw a fucking UFO!”
hes like “Huh? What? UFO? Hey Jaime come here! This guy says he saw a UFO. HAHA. ADOLFO! THIS GUY SAYS HE SAW AN ALIEN! HAHAHA!!!”
and i’m sitting there like wtf kind of scrutiny did I just subject myself to?! haha

and then they are like
“Wheres the video puto?”
“Its on my wifes phone”
“Oh you aint got no video? Pshh. How am I supposed to believe that? I gotta see the video dog!”

so i had to figure out how to bluetooth the video cause it was too big to email
all this bullshit just cause my ego couldn’t keep itself in check
ahh well
what are you gonna do?

8 thoughts on “UFO

  1. That is crazy stuff. I saw the video, I can not explain what you saw.

    My husband and I saw something weird once. We live outside Detroit. No funny comments about THAT. 🙂 Summer, a few yrs. back. Warm day, no clouds, beautiful blue sky. I happened to look up and saw three lights making a triangle shape, way the heck up there. Moving down, slow. Then fast. Then they just disappeared. We both watched them, it was so crazy but we told people and they were like, Oh. Really. That’s weird.

    You guys saw something strange. No doubt in my mind. What it was, I don’t know. Tangent: So why did you put “weed” on your post as a tag or whatever? Was weed a factor that night? Or is adding that tag standard operating procedure?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



    • haha standard procedure. im not quite sure how tagging works, if its just for my page or if people can find you that way, but in my head i have some stoner browsing blogs and being like ‘heh heh (thats how stoners laugh) let me browse the tag weed heh heh’ and then somehow he finds my blog haha
      also, doubters are usually quick to ask questions about your state of consciousness whenever youve seen something strange, so why not just flop it out there. I was probably stoned haha… in fact im pretty sure i fuck up a sentence pretty severely in the video… so much so I contemplated not uploading it haha
      i dont think weed is good or bad
      but just in my case, I dont think I could have experienced some of the questions that exist, ya know?
      if thoughts are the water of the mind, i know some of the channels that ive been down were not possible in this material being
      im not mentally strong enough to formulate those thoughts on my own
      the point is to think the thoughts that God has already thought
      and the more we pursue the word of God, the more we align ourselves with the thoughts of God
      hopefully i can experience some of the more complex ideas that exist within Gods creation
      without some assistance, the thoughts that came into my brain, that i was able to borrow, might have come over the course of multiple lifetimes haha
      im very fortunate to have been given the experience of such a great tool
      I thank God =)

  2. That was deep.

    Nothing wrong with weed. I used to partake. But it doesn’t cause hallucinations so I reiterate my previous comments: I think you saw something inexplicable, sophox. Err, Mike? 🙂

    You are funny, I have to say. Talking now about the stoner ‘heh heh’ laugh. But like I said, there is a depth to this post, I can see you are on a spiritual journey, trying to wrap your head around some really complex concepts. You believe in God, seeing that.

    Alas, I remain uncertain, although I have no doubt that something is there;but it will likely remain beyond our vision and understanding unless we stretch our minds, as you allude to. As you seek to do. I am happy for you, think you’re in for one hell of a ride.

    Have a good day, sophox.


  3. well its kinda crazy but no one would believe when you say you saw UFO…but my brother n i once saw something as crazy as this video of yours…best part was i wasnt alone so i know whatever i saw wasnt just nothing…my brother saw it too…

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