I’m thinking about starting a stoner survival guide
the first entry will be my famous cereal recipe

2 servings of Capn’ Crunch (may sub oats for healthy folks)
½ serving of trumoo vanilla flavored milk
½ serving of trumoo chocolate flavored milk
1 big bowl
1 big spoon

garnish with favorite herb and enjoy haha

man it sucks, ive been working at this feed mill closer to where i moved
my fucking back is killing me primo
but you know your boy puts the OXY is sophOXYmoria
you know what i’m sayin?
jk jk
well half a pill on boring days
makes the music sound better

it sucks cause anytime you go to a new mill you have to start out as a staker
at the place in modesto I was sewing (the easy job) and had some poor 50 year old portuguese literal interpreter of the bible throwing the heavy 50lb and 80lb bags of feed
it was too easy for me though
too easy on my body
something had to give haha

the thing that ALSO sucks about working at a temp place is its frequently your first day of work
you know that night before your first day of work where you lay awake tossing and turning, just fucking HOPING you work with some cool people, which usually is never the case
that could be like 4 time in a week for me!! haha
i’ve had so many jobs i could care less at this point
i just walk in very firm and high, and just put in a earbud and get to work
no one bugs you
well usually no one

its funny because you start seeing the same exact people
like I swear i’ve work with this same stoney toothless forklift driver at at least 3 different jobs
he had teeth the second time I think
but its all the same type of people that gravitate towards those lines of work
I worked with this mexican kid with a big back
he wore green today
and i don’t know him that well
but i was thinking, I wonder how well I could get to know him to where he wouldn’t take offense if I called him a ninja turtle
such a high though

but there is this one forklift driver that reminds me so much of this light eyed mexican kid I used to order select with, i want to go hang out with him like we’re friends haha
this kid I worked with would take like 3 trips to mexico a year
when he’d come back hed be like “I slept with 6 women and 2 teens when I was in Mexico”
Id be like “Hey, i’m trying to fucking work here. Can you just leave me alone right now?”
“I serious”
Id be having like the biggest fight of my relationship with my old girlfriend over text message on a flip phone about to fucking kill myself over here, and this asshole is regaling me in stories about being dick deep in aztec ass

He was like one of these professionals, ya know?
all business
id have to start a pen pal relationship with one of the natives first and perhaps return in the summer for a brief courting haha

idk though
the job sucks
I work with this dickhead Jaime, who i guess is technically in charge of me
but he is the lowest on the totem pole
so the only power he does have is over me haha
he is this short mexican kid who is like in his mid thirties with no wife or kids
he doesn’t really talk much
you can tell hes walking with his chest puffed trying to do the whole primal thing
hes always nitpicking about minute details
and always disappearing casually when there is any heavy lifting to be done
or like, when we are slow, we have to just go sweep up the warehouse and kill time
ill be the guy holding the shovel, the broom and the trash can
he will be the one walking briskly ten paces in front of me haha
like he bought me at auction

the last time i worked for this company i was working with this same kid, same personality, only in the form of a tall lanky white guy
eventually i couldn’t take it anymore
all the tension boiled over and we nearly got into a fist fight lol
i told him to fuck off cause he wanted me to do some bullshit that wasn’t in my job description
he called me up and wanted me to sweep up this little pile of dust way over by where he was working
i was like “sweep it yourself Jonathan, you lazy ostritch looking mother fucker”
and then he went all “thats what you get paid for temp!” and shoved the broom at me
“fuck you i’m not your slave” I threw the broom down and focused my vision very sharply in his right eye, idk why, I think I heard somewhere that that is where you project your power
so I was holding strong my stare
and his eyes are darting around
so right there I knew I had him
idk how, or, actually, idk if I had him haha
but somehow he disengaged
maybe he just valued his job more than me and in real life he would have kicked my ass
i doubt it though
i’m pretty sure i woulda mopped the floor with him haha

but anyway, he goes “tell your girl to come get you, you’re fucking fired!”
he knew my wife was giving me rides to work haha
so i’m following him down the stairs you know, cause thats the only way to go
i think i called him a homophobic slur or something haha
not cause i hate peoples right to choose their sexual preference
i’m just like an old computer with a shitty processor
it was more cause, you know, in a fight you want to make the guy feel inferior
gay was the most effective way to go haha
i’m like a pitbull that goes for the jugular when an infant pets me
what a douche, i’m sorry

I went and found the superintendent and hes like “He certainly doesn’t have the power to fire you” haha
but then he went and conferred with him and got his side of the story
he said I refused to do work or some shit
he didn’t say he was having me do these bullshit tasks
id do it again
no big deal
i liked the other mill better anyway

the modesto mill is nice
every break the other temp and I would walk to this empty lot on 8th street where these homeless people actually made a house out of box springs, really quite impressive, and get baked
EVERY break
3 times a day!! haha
and our 15 minute breaks we’re 25 minutes
and our 30 minute lunches we’re around 50 minutes
you’d see life
hookers walking by
druggies walking by
the bus stop was right there
the train was right there
the taco trucks were right there (although, if we are talking taco trucks, you can’t fuck with Keyes or Denair taco trucks, real talk)
people would come up and ask you for cigarettes
you really felt connected

the one in turlock is out in the middle of nowhere
i got no cell phone reception
theres like 50 guys who work there
and there all the exact guys you’d expect to work at a feed mill too

anyway now they wanted me back to work for them but at a different location
not like they want me like i’m some prized free agent
i don’t think anyone else would do the work for that cheap haha
its the same mill where the kid Jonathan was from before he went to the first one I worked at
Jaime is Jonathan 2.0 haha

i’ve been debating what to do
i saw my paycheck and they bumped me back down to 8 bucks an hour
yes that is minimum wage
if they could pay me less i’m sure they gladly would
fucking crooks
i was already about to quit as it is
you have to be very mentally strong/retarded to tell your boss to fuck off in an economy like this one haha
fuck it

i was reading this thing about meditating and asking your true self these questions
and about how you might not like the answers
so i gave it a whirl
i asked “should I ignore my ego, not identify with the dollar, learn my lesson and become a better person while perhaps paying some karmic debt and just bite the bullet and work there?”
I was expecting a “yes”
instead it was like “the fuck you doing working there for? find a better job!”
I definitely didn’t want to hear that haha

well i’m only going to BRIEFLY touch on the subject of God since I only got one like on my last post and it was from the guy who always criticizes my posts for my offensive use of the english language
(speaking of language, i’m out of control, i cussed twice in a comment on my about page and didn’t even realize it haha)
so that being said
if you want to check out, nows the time =)

I was sitting in my parked car inside the garage smoking a bowl with all the lights turned off and a lamp on in front of the car so it looked like headlights when I had a revelation of sorts
when reading about creation of the trinity something occurred to me
if everything exists in the Macro and Micro then creation must mimic our creation
well I find that it just may
allow me to attempt to impart this stoned thought to you

remember when I was talking about how the Monad and the Holy Spirit came together to create their only begotten son? The Christ

well I was thinking about the value of different letters in different words, ya know?
and I was like, man SERPENT has a lot of the same letters as SPERM

They both have S’s, so they can sting or charm haha
S’s are 1’s, and can be aggressive
some people are scared to death of Serpents, some people charm them
some people are scared to death of Sper… well you get the point…

They both have E’s, so they encompass the 5 senses
Serpents have 2 E’s, adding to 10, perhaps implying the returning back to 1, the beginning of a new cycle

They both have R’s
you already know my theory on R’s and how most things with R’s or people with R’s in their names are usually bat shit crazy… R’s or I’s… the 9’s
But they both have R’s which can be full of rashness and carelessness
Serpents and Sperm can both be irrational haha

Both have P’s
P’s confer power
They are expressive

Sperm has an M at the end which may represent radical and drastic changes
going from the old to the new
from one form to another

Serpent has an N and T
N is the letter of the scribe and can bring powerful messages
T is the letter said to build or break down, save or slay the human race

And then I started thinking about a different letter that has similar letters
remember when I was talking about how the Monad and the Holy Spirit came together to create their only begotten son? The Christ

What do the spirit, serpent and sperm all have in common?
they are all the same part of the equation
always the number 2

for the Father to create the Son, he needed the unity of the Holy Spirit
for the Egg to create a baby, it needs the unity of Sperm
for the Man to create life, he needs the knowledge of the Serpent
that is why man is born into sin
he is born of fornication

the Egg must be cast out of Eden (or the Womb) after it has interacted with the Serpent (or sperm)
then for its birth it must go through a 9 months period (or a Micro-cycle)
when a child is born you don’t identify him with the egg or the sperm any longer
just as you don’t identify the trinity individually, because they are all one
we know 9 represents the end of a cycle right?
after 9 months we are born into a new dimension or cycle

and where have we seen 9 representing the end of a cycle but also the beginning of a new dimension?
heaven and revelations right?
144,00 reduces to 9
666 reduces to 9

The Father created the Holy Spirit with his first thought after he saw his reflection in some sort of ethereal Water
Sperm meets the egg in some sort of watery substance I think haha
We are to be baptized by water (not literally)
Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians how Moses people we’re baptised when they crossed the Rea Sea
Jesus was able to WALK on water, displaying his power to transcend it as well

now forgive me but i’m about to get a little graphic

now it seems
if you we’re to look at the human body
but look at it like it was in a profile shot at a police precinct
if you scroll down a little to the crotch region
to the base of the S.P.I.N.E
it seems like there are TWO outlets for your energy
do we ascend up?
or do we descend down the fork?
that fork being the P.E.N.I.S hahaha
(penis/spine same letters!!!!)

but it literally comes down to that
we we’re given free will, yeah?
the WILL to choose right or wrong, good or evil, heaven or hell
what will we do?

do we manifest as the 33 Christ vibration?
or the domestic 6?
33 vertebrae North?
or 6 inches North-West? lmao!

my conclusion
God is the egg
The holy spirit is the ::ahem:: Spppp… I can’t say it
The Christ is the child

if you really want to know how to get to heaven
you must ejaculate your soul out of your physical body
chakra by chakra
then your “sperm soul” will hopefully find an egg to implant where you can further your growth in a new dimension
a Re-incarnation if you will into a new generator
or at the very least a warm set of tonsils or some bolt-ons haha

we either channel our energies into our sexual nature, our material world, our ego
or we attempt to raise our consciousness into a pure loving selfless heaven where we may walk with the Christ
Yes I said it!

5 thoughts on “snake in the grAss

  1. So glad that you found me on Isis Farms. I crazily dropped all my follows awhile back, but now you are in my space again. I read your writing, and I laugh, I cry, I think.

      • Hey, come out and visit anytime, or wait till we get big enough to need permanent help. We’d love to see you and your family. One caveat: in Texas, marijuana can still be made into a felony crime.

      • ohh that is gonna be a dealbreaker haha
        at least for now
        but the way i see it, its like Lou making that hatchet
        right now weed is the hammering of the wood into the head of the instrument
        but once the hammering is sufficient, the project has now become a tool
        if that makes sense lol

        the drugs simply provide me glimpses into an ego-less state
        but they are only temporary
        if i want to truly achieve any real progress i must stop relying on assistance

        but one day id love to visit
        i just dont know which will be first, texas seeing the light or me kickin my habit haha

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