We took Lincoln to the Fresno zoo for her birthday on the 19th
it was the longest we had left Kassius alone
Hes a month old and shes 4 years old now
time fucking flies

it was an hour or so drive to fresno
my wife and I got into an argument about something stupid and we end up getting a late start
its crazy being a parent
arguing and looking over at your kid
and being like ‘oh shit, i’m a parent, i gotta get my shit together’ lol

we wanted to leave at like 9 am, but we end up getting out the door at like 10 30
when we got there, there was a sign that said that the zoo was closing at 2pm today
it was kinda nice because we had to run around to show Linc all the animals in 2 hours
she was so excited to see all the animals
maybe i was just really high, but its really touching to watch a childs face light up when they see something crazy for the first time
she was losing her mind seeing the Elephants and Giraffes haha

then we took her to dinner for her birthday
the waitresses sang her happy birthday and she was thrilled
then we raced back home so she could have her party at 630
she was late to her own party
and right as we we’re getting unbuckled and gathering all of our shit from the car
Sarah let go of her balloon that our waitress wrote ‘birthday princess’ on it on accident
they both lost their minds
crying hysterically
Sarah is in some sort of post partum manic apology
Lincoln just woke up from her hour and a half nap, all groggy and shit
i mean, there is a driveway full of cars from friends and family all waiting on us
and we’re outside crying over a balloon
it was brilliant

we finally pulled it together and walked in
everyone was happy to see Lincoln
She has this infectious personality
and she just brings joy to everyone around her
that sounds like bullshit, but its the truth lol
I think its because her outer personality number is a 47/11

everytime she would open a gift her jaw would drop and her eyes would get the size of saucers and she would be like “Oh. My. God. I ALWAYS wanted one of these!”
no matter what bullshit gift it was
I would be cringing at some of these gifts these adults pass of as acceptable haha
but she receives it with such love

even when I got something I wanted as a child, I felt awkward showing any sort of appreciation
I mean, wtf am I supposed to do, ya know?
I knew that I should
I wanted to
But Lincoln is different
much better haha

She end up cleaning house on her BDay 
she got everything she asked for from all of her family
literally 100s of dollars worth of plastic
4 or 5 tea sets
a shit ton of all things LaLaLoopsy  

when we we’re buckling her in the car seat after the party she looked at my wife and I and screamed “this is the best day EVER!”
and it was all worth it
but then the next day when I was building her kitchen she got, she was like “THIS is the best day ever!”
and i’m like “The fuck it is, yesterday was way better than today. The Zoo?? Duh.”
so idk maybe she just heard it on Jessie or Good Luck Charlie haha

remember a few posts ago I posted a video on sound resonance?
and about John 1.1
the Word
the Logos
well I was reading this book called the Secret Book of John and it got me thinking about the internet
ive been trying to understand creation and these gnostic gospels definitely have extremely interesting ideas within them

The Word of God is his power, his vibration
again, google “sound resonance test”
what is Gods Word?
in the beginning of John when he says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,and the Word was God”

1. In the beginning was the Word = The ineffable one, no words can describe
2. and the Word was with God = Barbelo
3. and the Word was God = The Son, Christ

John is saying God is the creator of all THROUGH his Vibration
And what is Gods vibration?
Pure Love
Pure Light
Pure Will
So when the bible says to Blaspheme to name of God, they mean if you accidentally say “God dammit!” when you drop a hammer on your toe?
Or do you think that the bible is telling you if you don’t live by His fundamental truths you will experience spiritual death?
and be forced to live within the prisons of your body in an internal “Hell”?

I was trolling around online and I saw this book about all the names of God
and I was reading the descriptions of the names of God
and the first one I read means like “Oh Righteous One”
wtf is that?
You can just name him based on your description of him
No human could grasp the power of God, so how can you name him?

In one of those ancient Gospels they were talking about the name of God
and basically it was said that God has no name because he was first
He does the naming
Just like how Adam named everything on earth
He was the first spiritual being to incarnate on earth so he had the task of naming
Who do you think is worthy enough to name God?
The name of God must reflect his power, for it is Him
He is THE Word, so he cannot be confined to A Word

But anyway, the way creation is proposed in this book is crazy
First there was Him, the Monad if you will
The first Aeon, the invisible spirit, the ineffable one
The first being ever, being eternal and pure light
He is everything good, thus producing everything with his pure light

He emanates light
and He sees his reflection in the light
His self aware thought comes into being in the effulgence of his light
She is the perfect reflection of his power and greatness
image of the invisible perfect virgin spirit
Her name was Barbelo
being androgynous and both Mother and Father, 1st man, the Holy Spirit, the Universal Womb
She is before everything, the first to arise among the invisible realms
She was granted foreknowledge, indestructibility, eternal life and truth

So now there are 2 aeons
And pure light radiates between the two
Well a Spark between them goes off and Barbelo bore their only begotten son
The Virgin Spirit anointed him with all of his goodness

Now there were 3 perfect aeons
The Father-Mother-Son Trinity

The Son, the anointed one, named Autogenes is put in charge of everything
He asks the Virgin Spirit to allow the Mind to accompany him
The Spirit consented

And now with the mind accompanying him he could do his will
then the anointed one asked the Virgin Spirit if he could express the minds will thru his Word
The Spirit consented

Now able to harness will, he could essentially begin creating using the Spirits Word
4 Lights come down named Harmozel, Oriel, Daveithai and Eleleth
They each create 3 realms themselves
Harmozel creates Grace, Truth and Form
Oriel creates Conceptualization, Perception and Memory
Daveithai creates Understanding, Love and Idea
and Eleleth creates Perfection, Peace and Wisdom (AKA Sophia)

4 Lights
12 Realms

Now from the perfect minds foreknowledge
the intention of the Invisible Spirit
and the Autogenes will

The first Human being appears!!!!!!!

he is named Adamus and he was given invincible power of the mind
he has a child too, Seth

Adamus is placed in the first Light and resides with the Christ
Seth is placed in the second Light
Seths children are in the 3rd Light
and the souls who hadn’t found God resided in the 4th Light

Well around this time one of the created Aeons, Wisdom, known as Sophia
began thinking for herself
and was doing it without asking for consent from The Virgin Spirit
she wanted to reveal an image of herself without his approval
she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks and she pretty much ends up making a huge mistake
she has unimaginable power and ends up creating this beast without a man, whom she is very ashamed of and tries to hide

she ends up placing him far away in the middle of a bunch of clouds so none of the immortals will see him
she gives him a throne and hes born into ignorance, so what does he care right?

she names him Yaldabaoth (AKA Saklas, AKA Samuel)
well he quickly takes command and begins fashioning his own realms with his great power
he makes 7 realms of heaven and 5 realms of the abyss
and a ruler for each
he shared a portion of his fire, but never any of his Light from his mother

Far away from all the beings
He was unaware of his origins and began to call himself God to all his creations
but he still has the imprint of the cosmos above from him Mother

At one point Sophia sees what her son is doing and she can hide her mistake no longer
She prays to The Virgin Spirit
He hears her and forgives her but does not return her to her original realm

Well one day Yaldabaoth is chillin with his demons he had created
When he hears a voice saying “The Man Exists! And the Son of Man!”
All of the sudden a man appears, illuminating the waters above the world of matter

Yaldabaoth sees this, and he is blown away
He tells his demons, like “Yo, we gotta build our own man in our image AND Gods image”
you know, he thought the voice was of his mothers
he was probably stunned
I mean him and his cohorts had seen the Image of God
They had never even seen Light before, ya know
this must have been an earth shaking experience both literally and figuratively
They were so blown away by the image of light that they had seen in the waters they just had to try to build a replica and hope that they would receive illumination by God
So they think that if they fashion a body in the likeness of God that they will be worshiping him

Yaldabaoth assigns 365 demons to each assemble a body part in the image of God
They decide to name him Adam meaning Light because thats what they lacked
At this point his Mother is like “OMG… I wish I never gave this kid power!”
She’s praying to God still

At this point God intervenes and sends down five lights in the form of principal advisors who convince Yaldabaoth to blow his breath into the Adam that he had fashioned
his Adam just sat there and they couldn’t figure out how to turn it on
think of the idea of the internet, but all you have is the casing for a computer

So these angels come down to deceive him and remove his mothers power from his will
Being ignorant he did not know that he was turning his mothers power over to the human he and his cohorts had formed after the Image of God he had seen
He blows life into Adam
And INSTANTLY Adam is all knowing, way smarter than anyone they have ever seen
He has the knowledge of all who put in to the making of him
He shines with a spark that they hadn’t known on their realm
He was just perfect
They each uploaded all their information into each part of his body
Yaldabaoth is like “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck… C’mon! I’m your God people!”
So he doesn’t take too kindly to Adam and cast him down to the lowest plane, earth
From there all hell breaks loose haha

so to recap
1. God
2. His first thought, Barbelo, mother to… wait for it!
3. The Christ, the only begotten son of Ma and Pa, thus forming the Godhead Trinity
4. Christ, thru the word of the father, creates many different powerful Aeons
5. An unconsented being is born from unrestrained knowledge
6. Cast down and abandoned, the being thinks he is God

so right off the jump in the bible you are dropped right in the midst of a great deception
you have one guy, the elohim, creating man in ‘our’ image
appearing to be a collective process
but fear not for in genesis 2 we are introduced to our LORD
or translated from Hebrew YHWH
thus people assume that for some reason you weren’t allowed to utter the NAME of God
so they removed the vowels
they now fill them in with yAhwEh
and the name has turned from Yahweh to Jehovah

Let me tell you a secret
the tetragrammaton is actually a hieroglyphic
it is meant to be read bottom to top
and actually represents the IMAGE OF GOD
the Adamus (or maybe Amillus)
not His name
basically the way that Yaldabaoth would have drawn the image in the waters that he had perceived

It was funny, I was reading this book on Scrib’d
some Black Panther doctrine I think lol
but in it, they were talking about how Allah means Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head
Its not his name
Rather a description of Him
And we cannot call God by our perception of his actions since we do not even reside in the realm he rules over
naming is an act of objectification and God will not be objectified

when Elohim YHWH comes in genesis 2
what is it really?
The Christ, the only begotten son, manifesting as the new Elohim
not the creator of the consent-less self producing mankind
but rather that mankinds saviour!

that explains the nephilim/dinosaurs/aliens/demons/giants and all the other ungodly beings of this earth realm

you know what, i’m going to level with you, i’m unclear if I even remembered, or read correctly the first time, any of this information accurately
so please don’t take my word for it
i’m high =)

but the reason why I even started reading this is because it was reminding me of the manifestation of the internet and its contents
and how now Artificial Intelligence quickly taps into information at rates the human being could not consistently maintain

but the creation is essentially our generations Adam
we are acknowledging that a better world can be accessed
a more desirable reality
something that stimulates the senses

we are the nephilim to little baby Samsung (The AI’s Adam lol)
once someone or something figures out a way to get the AI online by channeling a soul into a computer, well that is where T2 picks up at haha

or maybe next thing you know God sends down 5 principal advisors for humanity to breath our life into the new manifestations of God
we shall wait on pins and needles!

but we must admit uninspired creation is just shit
dark, unable to know the greatness of light
and look, look how easy it is for stoned thoughts to be uploaded
I think i’m the cancer lol

but anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
if you use the power, or the Word of God like you would an Oculus Rift
but instead of just over your eyes
you embrace your whole being
your whole existence is tuned towards emulating the all loving God
any negative experience you come upon you will have the equation to solve it

you will be able to understand why littering is bad haha
i used to litter for fun
what a dick
you’ll see why any form of judgement is unnecessary

thats why cheatings so offensive
its not like your partners in the room with you
its not your mission to inflict pain upon your bf or gf
you’re just trying to have a guilt free swing in the sack
but you’ve created the potential for a negative situation through the disconcern for the One
and that situation will almost always bloom
cheating is an offensive act because you’ve put the will of one over what is best for the whole tribe
a message that has been spread by your #YOLO hashtags haha
again, for the millionth time
thats why people HATE cancer
cause cancer is the small part of you that was screaming YOLO at the club haha
cancer was all those supersized extra value meals that you could not resist
even though the entirety of your body was disgusted that YOU, the god of your body, was like a disconnected, untuned staunch republican
you’re like “Fuck you, rest of my body, I gotta do whats good for the 1 percent”
cancer is the crop you reap from your seeds you threw on the mountainside
and now you’re gonna be like the next president taking over a fucked country
when you finally come ‘online’ and realize the damage that has been caused by the unrestrained ego, you’ll vomit

you must awaken to the realization that there is a cypher to life
there is a score
there is a harvest
you can ascend or descend
but the code that is written into our reality cannot be hacked
its too dense
its a waste of time

by the time you awaken to the fact that you worked 40 hours a week just so you could give your hard earned green pieces of paper to a poison dispensary, you will be filled with anger
you’ll be so fucking confused and embarrassed
because like the old saying goes ‘as above, so below’
we see you!
you manifested your cancer body by your cancer thoughts
you cared only about the 1%

thats why you can’t hate anyone
you can’t judge anyone
republican, democrat, nazi, black panther
cause all these dumb fucks who are like ‘if i was a cop, id be nice as fuck’
just wait till your out of your little boot camp deal, and you’ve now been working the shit shift for six months, and every fucking encounter you’ve had someone has tried to look you in the eye and deceive you
eventually you snap
you end up on the evening news because you shot a shoplifters dog or some shit lol
but your ideas fail you
your illusions fail you

but you get what i’m saying?
no matter what you’re in charge of, people want to magnetize themselves with the elite
guess what mother fuckers
not the numerical value of one
not the symbol one
just ONE
in the micro
in the macro
the golden ration will not change for you
the law will not change

from our suns perception, could you imagine the earth?
can you see where it has cancer?
can you see a few nations who don’t really give a shit about the rest of the world
only if you happen to be born in certain boundaries will they care about you
certain countries that are the takers rather than the givers

some guys holding up a sign saying ‘we are the 99 percent’
you got guys in other countries like ‘NO MOTHER FUCKER, you are the 1 percent too!”
we’re snapping pictures on our cell phone cameras
mother fuckers are mining minerals haha
how fucked up is that?

but it exists in each way
to someone we’re an older brother and to someone else we’re an asshole neighbor
there is no right and wrong, only personalities
like numerology
you can walk into a bar and everyone isn’t the same
countries are the same way too
i think
wtf do i know
we could be being puppeteered by some alex jones type shit haha
who cares?
we each have our own alien manifestation happening internally, ya know?
am i too high right now? haha

back to what i was saying about cheating though
fucking tangent
jeez louise
no one wants to hang out with you if you’re always peeling off towards the bathroom when the check comes, you know?
if you want to be loved, what must you do?
that realization is key
Jesus said it
Love your neighbor like yourself, right?

so when someone does something selfish
like lag on a friend
or bail on a date
or cheat on a partener
or bomb another country

that act of selfishness is the original sin
thats you trying to sit on the LORDs throne when he isn’t looking, ya know?
thats you eating the apple because it appeals to your tastes
you having perceived knowledge and judgement
you thinking that your way is better than THE way

I forget where I was going with this
but the reason the gnostics believe we are not saved by faith or works is because neither of those things change who we are
the knowledge of who we are and where we came from enables us to unlock the kundalini and baptize our spiritual centers, allowing us to vibrate in a way which we can invite the will and the word of God
like Noah, we must have faith that we will be saved from the deluge
we must not fear the loss of our material world
we must embrace the fact that we are temporary beings
and the kingdom will be taken down at the end anyway
we cannot enter into God’s realm of light while caring fear
we will not wander accidently into his kingdom
for we are saved by the Grace of God

i’m eager to see where we go from here
we’re at such an exciting time in history
does the mass consciousness raise?
do we right this ship?
or does it just remain a testing ground for souls to continue to incarnate and work out their spiritual growth?
we will continue to have many cycles of war, and many more will be given the free will to align with one of the poles
i mean, you’d also kind of think that just like our time in our bodies come to an end
our time on this earth will come to an end as well
i mean, duh right? if you believe in heaven

it appears to be a continual necessary unimportant distraction written into the code of the earth
maybe once everyone has a chance to die in war the mass consciousness will realize it is no longer a valid form of communication
perhaps we must build our own heaven
a place where we can refine our skills as human instruments for the will of God

like if you we’re to tell a caterpillar “yo dog, you gotta climb up that tree, and then you are going to build yourself a cocoon, then in a few weeks time you’ll be a butterfly”
hed be like “are the cocoons already up there? what do you mean i’m going to have to build one myself?”
“well, you know, you latch on then you kinda spin your ass counterclockwise and let out a little yarn”
“up the length of my entire 100 and something feet?”
“I don’t think you have that many feet”
“mother fucker, what the fuck do you know about this shit? youre a brokeass caterpillar too”
“listen man, my moms a butterfly dude, i THINK i know what i’m talking about”
“and then what? I just dangle like a cheeto in the middle of this warzone?”
“yeah man, next thing you know you’ll be in a whole new world, transcending the limitations of the world we know”
“have you ever actually spoken to a butterfly?”
“well… no…”
“ok then, you dumbfuck, we probably go up there and build ourselves caskets. have you even ever crawled up a tree that high? we’re sitting ducks man! its all this propaganda filling your head maan”
“ohh yee of little faith. you gonna stay down here and be bird grub?! we have a very small window here.”
“nahhhh i’m good, YOLO MOTHERFUCKER!”

but do you get what i’m saying?
like if heaven and hell are simply states of mind
do we build our own heaven?
and I don’t mean “WE” separate from “HE”
I mean do we allow him to manifest through us certain more suitable conditions for the advancement of the race (through the soul)

because you would have to think that God’s spirit was key in every discovery
just the free will to do anything was inspired by God’s almightiness, right?

like what if you lived your whole life based on you finding a wife
and as time goes on the pressure mounts
so much so that you can’t even talk to women, its just too much

well by the time Baby KJ is 6 or 7 hes going to have every possible situation already pre mapped with various options on his Playstation 5, ya know?
he will be able to instantly place himself in scenarios where he will be able to conquer his fears

listen, its not as easy as it sounds
do you think you could navigate a troop in Call of Duty?
Its hella stressful
Its character changing haha
Next thing you know you’re walking through wal mart in a crouch commanding people with military hand motions haha

Ok well that was stressful
Ill leave you with some pictures =)






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