my wife has been reading me this Eckhart Tolle book “A New Earth”
It works out pretty well
I can ensure she educates herself while I can just sit back and relax
there are some pretty interesting concepts in the book
first of all
wtf man?
are you fucking kidding me?
I’ve been taking advice from this dumb mother fucker this whole time
Its really strange
like, you do have poles you know?
you do have an angel and a devil on each shoulder
the only problem is…
they both sound identical
its like the angel and the devil have to run up to the secretary in your head
the angels all “delores, you gotta fax my shit right now. I’m proposing we DO CRUNCHES!”
and the devils all “D, fax mine first and i’ll fuck the living shit out of you.”
by the time the message gets to your head
or whoever’s running shit up there
it sounds like Ben Stein reading one of those Amber Alert boards that threaten you
how much easier would life be if your angel sounded like Glenda from Oz
and the devil sounded like Eric Cartman

now I come up with an idea and im like “thats the best you idiots could do?”
I think this is how people start hating themselves
they feel slightly disconnected
actually see the reality that they’ve created
and then they’re like, “look at you, sitting there, all… fat.”

It is kinda weird
like we are all the God’s of our bodies
we are the voice up top that sits in approval
and all our organs are sending up white flags
our livers are like “dear god! im fucking dying here!”
fuck it
we need MSG lol

there were like 2 other things in that book that stood out and now I cant think of them
I think we are only 50 pages in

Oh, he was talking about peoples desire to connect to objects or ideas to help define themselves
It sounds a lot better when he talks about it haha
When he was talking about “I” it was interesting
basically that I is what YOU perceive
like your “eye”
its your vision
its not really reality
just your illusion
the good news, according to ol Tolle
the illusion dissipates if you recognize its existence

you know what
I don’t know if this is true
because listen, I tell myself all the time
dont whack off
save the chi or whatever the fuck its called haha
I know that by looking at some crazy images
by brain is gonna think its on crack
I know what’s going on
I know its some primate level basic instinct
and believe me
I know that teen/milf lesbo couple couldn’t be further from my higher self
wtf am I gonna do?
you feel me?
sure I WANT to be perfect
who doesn’t?

really my perfect scenario would be…
my wife would think i’m the perfect person for her
in turn, I don’t have to worry about getting fucked over somehow
cheated on or divorced
and then I am able to worry about bigger things
achieve something that I probably couldn’t do if I was constantly dealing with these animalistic issues of the material body
my biggest fear is my wife won’t support me in my endeavors
not like she has to
not like its a requirement

speaking of my wife
we went and saw the 4D sonogram thing yesterday
our sweet baby boy wouldn’t really turn over
we did however get quite a few close ups of that THICK dick
you know what I am saying?
you know…?
thats whats up…

anyway, everyone came out to see the sonogram
my wifes mom, sister, grandmother
my mother and grandmother

we have to go back this next week so we can hopefully get some better shots of him
the lady said he already had hair
fucking crazy

ohh man
I gotta say this
I was watching this show on Jupiters moons
and how they form
basically when there is a huge explosion
matter gets caught in an astroid belt thingy
and all this shit clumps together over time to form moons

ok, so this is my theory of the moon and the earth

you know how the ancients called the earth the 7th planet?
they were obviously counting from the outside in
hence they knew what was up with Pluto back in the day

well anyway
planet X
I just found out planet X means planet 10 by the way
fucking roman numerals

you know the theory of panspermia?
the theory that all continents were at one time bunched together?

My theory is….
Life was seeded 10s of thousands of years ago
maybe in the form of like reptiles or whatever
they are in an orbit where one pass around the sun takes 3600 years
so in the bible when it talks about the earth being created in 7 days
its actually 7 visits to earth
but in 3600 year increments

as im typing this im realizing, this is probably many many peoples theory also haha

but anyway
there are always depictions of fallen angels
and these angels have halos and a certain glow to them
because planet X is a planet of water
at this point the earth has no water

so Life is seeded in a few different continents
Mu and Atlantis
they created power sources all over the planet in the form of pyramids

well they planet Xians figured out that they could help advance life if they combined elements from their planet
along comes the Adams and Eves

but why are they seeding the Earth?
because they realize the path of their planet is on a COLLISION COURSE WITH EARTH!!!!

eventually their planet smashes into ours
the spirit/water world meets the material plain
all the continents split up
you have a great flood
until finally some earth surfaces
the world must have looked like a massive cluster fuck
so parts of our earth get caught in the gravity belt or whatever its called
over time forming the moon

once the moon comes online
by literally taking over the soul of the 10th planet
it now has the power to control life
no fucking wonder the moon controls the tides
and those awful heavy flow days

in astrology they count the moon as a planet
they dont count any of Jupiters moons

also that explains why nothing happened on Dec 21 2012
That cataclysmic event already took place

Cayce says that the first expression of the divine mind was Amilius
Amilius was the first incarnation of the Christ soul and supposedly lived in the lost city of Atlantis
He is responsible for streamlining the evolution of the physical human form
According to Cayce Amilus corresponds with Genesis 1
where “Adam” corresponds with Genesis 2

Does that make sense?
the two worlds had to combine to create the earth we know now?
Like if you look at google earth
I don’t even think you say half the earth
I think you say, half of the orb appears to be earth and the other half is a water element from another planet lol
Look, this is a picture from google earth


Just think though
IF you were to remove all of the water from earth
It would like like 1/3 of a planet
If earth was formed when all of the rest of the planets formed
It would probably be all smooth
the whole earth would be this smooth looking mud color
But its not
Its HALF land mass, half water
the ying and the yang lol

Is this not the stupidest thing youve ever heard?
this is the shit I think about daily
this is my hell!! haha

In other news
I’m out of weed til my guy comes tomorrow
It was actually a good thing because I made myself sit down and write

I’m munching on my THC muddy buddies right now
edibles to weed are like a roll of paper towels to toilet paper
once you’re using them you know you’re on E haha
but this is what happens
I eat some edibles and end up writing crazy theories lol

my wife just text me shes bringing me In-N-Out burger soo…
thats a wrap son!

16 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle, Amilius and Edibles

  1. Hey. Um. Hmm. I don’t know how you found my blog thing. I’m glad you did, though, because I found yours. I have to say, I enjoyed the posts I read. Can’t read ’em all, I have to write my book.

    But I shall mark this blog as a favorite or whatever you call it. I like how you write, sophoxymoria.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! This is hilarious and profound. I love that you are finding some insights from Eckhart, and relating it to your other thoughts. I love his stuff, it lifts a huge burden whenever I read it. Have you gotten to anything about insanity only being a small step away from how we all operate everyday? Yup, it’s true. I also enjoy your irreverence but seriousness at the same time. People can take their “ego” selves SO seriously with philosophy. I read my husband part of your post and he cracked up. Seriously though, always be open and honest with your wife. I can forgive almost anything except for dishonesty. Congrats on your son!

    • nah I haven’t, in fact I bought a bunch of books on the gnostics and got sidetracked lol
      what does ET say about insanity?
      and its cool that you forgive everything except dishonesty
      thats a lot of rope haha

  3. LMAO, best post ever ! =) =) This was like reading a conversation with my hubby ! Miss In and Out… thanks for the perspective, have a good one, and congrats on that baby boy !!!!!!!!!

  4. Our brains are tools to be used by us. We are not tools to be used by our brains. Check out his first book in that series ” The Power Of Now” If you like the second your will definitely like the first my friend. Good post.

    • If i could only get my fucking brain to remember that maybe id be able to listen to the dudes new age brain magic. Easier said than done. I guess it comes down to which wall you want to bang your head against.

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