its 6am
::smoking a bowl::
its been too long, i know
im up early cause I have to go work at a feed mill
ive been doing it for a little over a month now
fuckin sucks lol

i figured i need to get my licence back before i started seeking a real job
so i started working at this mill for slave wages until I could save up enough
I called the dmv and they broke it down to me
apparently I needed to pay like 868 bucks
so whatever
it sucked but what was I going to do
so for like a month im just stacking bags of feed
for example
in the heart of Modesto
100 degree weather
I stacked, lemme see… 28 tons of feed
at 40 bags a pallet
each bag weighs 50 pounds
28 pallets
your boy MANUALLY carried 56,000 pounds of feed yesterday
and after taxes probably made less than 50 bucks
like a 1 buck for every 1000 pounds i lifted haha
fucking crazy!!!!!

what am i doing with my life?!?!
lifting heavy shit just because i can?
the job isnt so bad actually

oh but anyway, i work like a few weeks and save up like 869 bucks
literally I cash all my paychecks at once, and i’m within a dollar of what i own the DMV or state of California or whoever
so i pay my fines, and the bitch at the counters like “you know you have more fines too right?”
apparently I owe another 1200.00

at least my weed is cheap
i found a new delivery service
this mother fucker comes to my house
tunes my guitar
and sells weed cheap as fuck
⅛ Kens GDP=40.00
⅛ Jack Herer=40.00

how are you going to fuck with those prices?
and quite possibly some of the best weed ever known to mankind
I was paying 55.00 for Jack Herer and I had to somehow get to Oakdale
somehow the universe allows you to live within your means haha

also the good thing about this job is its only like 3 blocks from where I live
and when I walk there in the morning, none of the riff raff are out lol
there usually is some sort of bullshit going on across the street when I get back though
yesterday the police had the park all taped off
something happened
im to that age where im too lazy to go figure out what heinous crime happened 30 feet away from my place haha

oh fuck its already 6:50!!
I gotta jam
I only have 6 minutes before I have to start walking to work haha

everything is going great
wife is heading into her 3rd trimester
Lincoln is doing great
getting closer to choosing a name once and for all

I need to put more effort into this blog
Im lazy =(
see ya soon!

6 thoughts on “Off to Slave Away

  1. When I lived in Garberville I had to move over 100 bags of chicken shit in an afternoon of disgusting sweltering heat..it smelled wonderful. But Modesto? Yikes. Probably smells worse than the chicken shit.

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