Watching Real Housewives of Orange County
A few observations
Eddie doesnt move his jaw when he talks and it annoys the shit out of me. He talks like some big time wrestler from the 80s
Alexis has a decent heart. Sure she is materialistic, she wants to have attention, and she is a person who almost pulls hate towards her but I dont think she is a hateful person.
Tamra is an old bitter cunt… id hate to know the reasons why…
Vicki sold out with that plastic mask shes rockin
Heather is a vile person
Gretchen, idk
okay sorry for that but its really the only show I watch other than Mad Men
and Ive about had it with Mad Men and their excessively loud “telephone ring” and “typing” sound effect every time they are in the office haha

I need to get a job!!
Not because im broke, just because I need the human interaction haha
Im about to volunteer at the food bank
I end up doing jack shit all day
Researching stupid bullshit that gets me nowhere
Basically anything that involves not sticking to goals =(

So what the fuck is up with the Georgia Guidestones?
It feels like that may be the way we are headed, eh?
Population control, lets talk about it
Its really not hard to comprehend
Its like a bee keeper while the economy is good, hes a happy camper
When its not, well hes just sitting around with a shit load of tiny beings that now pose a threat to him
Have we ceased production of what makes us hold a value?

The WAY to get reduce the worlds population, you ask?
Well its simple math really
You divide the world up
For my example Ill speak about a pretend world
Lets just for the sake of time call it “the world”

First we divide it up into parts
Its just like the human body
All sorts of different parts
But lets just say ten


So the first thing we have to do is go into region one and begin to create a percieved enemy
Then of course you need soliders to do your bidding, so you create them over time
You create a culture that idolizes the big tough type, ya know?

The easiest thing you can do is build someone up
And if while you are building them up, you get them to slightly stray towards nationalism
Youre perfect
Youve sold the people in region one into the idea of their ego
Birthrites, entitlements
You simply convince them that region two is a threat to their ideas


So we ship all our young fresh soldiers off to fight the enemy over in region 2
Region 1 is now imprisoning the commoners in region 2
Killing basically anyone who gets in there way
But why no fighters?
Well all the fighters in region two were too busy raping and pillaging the assholes in region 3

Pretty soon youve essensially killed your own people you just didnt know it

Its like a circle jerk
technically you didnt jack off
but for some reason all the people you were trying to protect are now dead themselves
but as they say you live by the sword you die by the sword
what goes around comes around
you reap what you sew

But what if this is just destiny??
Threre really is some other cancer organism (devil) that has been given free reign??
And these senseless wars are destined to happen
What can we do?
Fuck I dont know, but I know that I would be super uncomfortable doing harm to anyone
I guess when the Chinese come banging at my door I just show them a puppy dog face and hope that that is enough to override their years of DNA fused white guy hate haha

Fuck I dont have the persuasive power to talk the waitress at my table into bringing me more than one refill
Im banking I can puppy dog eye fuck some mad ass soldier out of not chopping my head off lol
I heard the US bought like 30k guillotines, is that true? Fucking scary lol
And the FEMA camps everywhere

But like, everyone is going to attack the guy next to them
I gotta believe that the only way to survive this onslaught would be to be like a monk somewhere on the mountain
Just ride it out til everyone has killed one another lol

But im pretty sure the guy to survive and begin life as we know it from the ground up
Isnt some fat fuck whose body is chemically dependant on pharmaceuticals and has never even been outdoors for more than 4 hours

But who knows, right?
Could be some Large ass dude with just enough body fat to be like a skeleton with skin when the opportunity arises for him to start over
You know, God comes down and asks for one of his ribs
We restart the game lol

I was thinking about writing a script for this idea I had.
An overexposure of what is happening to all of us right now,
But perhaps through the eyes of the conqueror
Like a gang of white devils discover an indigenous people in some Eden
I mean I know Twilight Zone did the episode where that one dude finds a mass group of tiny people who worship him and he doesnt want to leave the planet they crashed on, but this is slightly different haha

We drop in on our two devils crouched behind some sort of foliage hiding out lol
These two assholes are coming upon a civilization that has obviously not evolved the way these guys did.
One guy asks the other “How do we approach these people?”
And the main mean dude is like “Approach? These mother fuckers will be working for me in ten years.”
“I got this fucking ten year plan Teddy!” (I figure Teddy is like a good supporting characters name. A Teddy def cant carry this mother fucker though) Stuart (oh like its so easy to think of names) beams.
“10 year plan? Thats some crazy talk yo.”
“Nahh son, allow me to break it down.

Step One (done in cheesy voiceover as we are softly set into a montage of the impoverished doing like local indigenous people shit)

We come to them as gifts, offering cures to common disease. We plant some seeds and shit.

(Shows them communicating with the people with love. Offering new improved ways of life.)

Step Two

Create a currency. We make a select few, the select who oppose our being here, extremely wealthy, thus forcing them to partake in the illusion we will create for them.

(A couple slides of some dudes mean muggin the camera. Maybe one esp mean looking fellow looking down his nose. Followed by a scene of him being greeted by Lou or Phillip or whatever those two idiots names were, with like a few bags of money. They gotta win over the people with influence first right?)

Step 3 (Maybe ten steps is too many haha)

Set up multiple outlets for them to give you your money back. Have a part in all business dealings. Sincerely help the people rise get ahead happiness wise.

Step 4

Market addictable products. Introduce the idea of “the pursuit of happiness”

Step 5

Create a conflict. Dont let the people settle. For when they settle they turn their eyes on becoming the alpha. I wont allow them the time. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well our friend will be their enemy.

Step 6

Thin the herd while of all warriors. Encourage a healthy breeding culture to keep the hope.”

And then like 4 more steps haha
But you get it, basically the story of us, but told thru someone else. I guess I might end up glorifying the elite.
Basically the story of infiltration and deceit from within the belly of the beast
The cancer disguised as sugar
The wolf wearing the sheeps clothing
The trojan horse
The smiling happy banker lol
But who gives a shit, right?
everything has life cycles
no one can rule forever
but every system thinks they found the secret elixer
everlasting rule
the inevitable truth is, however, it doesnt exist in this dimension
nothing is forever here
No reign
No rule
Sure you may have superior knowledge for a while
But that will never last
You can burn all the books
People are still going to tap into their past lives
You can shut off the internet but you cant kill a consciousness

Its like David and Goliath
The light will ALWAYS win eventually
Sure there will be some cycles and periods of dark
But as long as you are aligned with the pursuit of the light
You are good my friend

If you are actively trying to rid your body and soul of hate
Like making a list
Who I hate the most in life:
1. Whoever

You figure it out
Its like passing a level in a game
You conquer the things holding you down

As long as you are on the yellow brick road, youre good
I dont know if an Oz reference is a good idea because isnt that like an MKUltra thing?

Wouldnt it be funny if MKUlta was a mass experiment that the public never caught on to?
Ok too far?
I gotta feel out my crowd for those of you who enjoy the greatest mind exercise game of “WHAT IF?” hahaha

But you know I was reading the bible
And like the head honcho of the old testament was Abraham
Its not like Abraham was this pure soul
I believe he was like a general in two wars that he had nothing to do with
He ran into an old relative and this guy was like “Yo bro, I hears yous a bad mother… Im tryna fight these fools over here and here and need a W, you knows whats I sayns???”
Abraham didnt give a fuck.
He took this relative to war and killed the shit out of some other fools

Also that 10% he TITHED to Melchizedek
Well that shit wasnt even his
He gave 10% of what he looted, and then I think gave the Sodomites back 90% of what was rightfully theirs to begin with  

I have no clue if thats true but I feel like ive read it somewhere hahaha
Once I start writing shit I THINK is true, well then, were all fucked

But also didnt he try to give his own daughters away?
Isnt that something?
I know Lot offered his daughters didnt he?
The daughters that later RAPED their father?!?!?!
After their mom was by a fucking thunder bolt of something that turned her into a pillar of salt

Did you know that the ANGELS (Dont even get me started on WHAT an angel is) that accompanying Lot and his family were also nearly RAPED?!
How fucking crazy is that?
Youre an Angel and youre still not respected
But IDK man its crazy
If you listen some of these guys
Angels, Fallen Angels, Nephilim= Extraterrestrials
I mean, it makes sense
Supposedly God was so disgusted because the people were attempting to pay God and modify thier human DNA

You know, IF Samson was sent BY God himself to overthrow the Palistines
Then youd think God would kick him down some Holy DNA you know
And if the Philistines were able to harness that and create Goliath

And if the times of the bible are the same as they are now
You would think that “Artificial Intelligence” would be the Goliath
Weve compartmentalized our whole self
Weve outsourced our memories to Hard Drives
We have all of our relationships through a plastic box that thousands of enslaved Africans had to mine the blood minerals to make the computer chips
Everything we see has to be in HD, further betraying your nature
We our judged on the amount of currency our occupation produces
Not if we are devoting our earthly incarnations to a life of service to others

The mark of the beast is simply the mark of man
Can you imagine Jesus trying to explain 2013 to his followers?

“These mother fuckers will not only preoccupy their whole lives with their own ego, they will cease to develop their connection to their conscious being.
See that stack of Gold? What do you think thats worth? Ok, well times that by 10. Thats how much these dumb dumbs are going to spend annually on FAKE food.
Get this, see this big fat blunt right here???
Well my brothers, would you believe me if I told you they will actually vilify the shit outta this!! My future prophets will get thrown in JAIL for having this plant!!
My fathers herb he promised us…
The worst thing is, in the future, so much information will be available, yet hardly any will find it in their best interest to pursue
Ok, whos down for a shroomer and a nature hike?”

Im constantly torn by what I should believe
Should I believe that there is a chance for a split reality
That heaven is on Earth
And it is PHYSICALLY possible to exist in a fractured state of reality
One in which im happy, safe, and one with God
All while experiencing the same rotation of our earth as everyone else


Do the prophecies apply to everyone?
Every soul thats ever existed?
Is the apocalypse just the necessary cleansing of the impure (which will certainly be myself lol)
Like what is the point of saving up water?
Youre gonna survive 9 months longer than I did?
Living in fear, sweating every night
Fuck that…
Id rather experience my fate

Can I experience heaven even while shaking in line for the guillotine?? hahaha

Also I was thinking, remember when God (Melchizedek) was talking to Abraham before he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah
Isnt he like “Im gonna destroy those filthy fn towns RIGHT NOW!!! Unllllllllllllllless, you can find me 20 good men!”
And Abrahams like “20?! Fuuuuuu… maybe 10… MAYBE??? And thats pushing it. I can think of 3 off the top of my head, and now that I think about it, I think Greg moved… Actually, fuck it, can you just send some Angels to get my homie and his fam.”

So I have a couple questions.
If the God Abraham is referring to IS Melchizedek, then it makes sense that he would have to send someone to scout out the place to make sure he wasnt blowing up some good folks. He was an incarnation of God, but still not able to simply KNOW for himself that there was or wasnt enough good men to warrant it being saved.
Also since Melchizedek resides in Salem, which may or may not have been a physical place, we wonder, maybe Melchizedek was some sort of hybrid Giant himself.
Who knows?
We do know that he was turned into Metatron though… so the bible is definitely telling us he existed in more than one dimension

So what else????
What else can I bullshit about?
Well my wife and I have now got in three separate fights today all over the same subject
EVERY fucking time I open my mouth to start talking she fucking yawns!!!!
It happened at like 8:15 in the morning so I know she was rested haha
And my fucking memory is so bad to begin with
But im liking talking about something I think is really important
Something I dont recall
But for example im like

“Ah man the enneagram will fucking change your life. I mean like EVERYTHING… first of all-”
Then as im fucking looking into her eyes, like fucking a foot away from her, she starts like this full body yawn. I see her start rolling her shoulders and clenching her fists real tight.
“uhhhh, first of all-” And right now im like quickly slipping while attempting to maintain my focus. Frankly im fucking shocked to be quite honest. Im like “really, in the middle of my fucking story… this is essentially once in a lifetime information. If I just walk out the fucking door right now she is NEVER going to even get close to wrapping her head around a tetrahedron, ya know?

“uhm, first of all-” this fucking yawn is only in the second act at this point. Now I completely lost my thought and im staring at her the way a guy who bought a baby alligator and now its like 3 years later, and its too big to flush. Im staring at her like wtf am I going to do with you? hahaha
And then im just like “FUCK IT! FUCKING FORGET IT!”

Would you believe this has happened 3 times today? The same fucking story but substitute 3 different equally important things hahaha
My wife tells me “What? Do you think im doing it on purpose?! If I sneezed would you get mad? You think I could sneeze on cue just to ruin your story?”
To which I replied “Yes! Yes I do think that SOMEHOW. I dont know how, but SOMEHOW, if I were telling a really fucking funny joke like in front of all your friends, Im pretty sure youd pull the power from somewhere to, YES, SNEEZE right during the punchline. Its like your manifesting it as some passive aggressive behavior. I think youve got a real problem to be perfectly honest” haha

Oh I know what I wanted to write… I bought a guitar today! Its about fucking time because I sold all mine when I got too poor
I think I got a pretty good deal
Acoustic Fender DG-8S NAT
I have no clue what anything after Fender means but fuck it, the dude on CL wanted 50 bucks.
It was posted for 2 days and no one bought it yet so I offered him 40 and he bit
Mother fucker is like brand new…
He threw a guitar stand too which is now the nicest guitar stand ive ever owned
And also a tuner
What a good fucking guy am I right?
Thank you Joe in Manteca lol

Also I think we may have picked a middle name
Im not sure I like it
But its watery lol
You ready???


or does that sound too much like a trailerpark?

I told my wife that I want to name our kid Jesus Christ
Cause no one would fuck him over AGAIN, right?
is this thing on???
Okkkay tough crowd…
But Lincoln means something about a Lake I think lol

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell
I think thats their names
These mother fuckers named their daughter Lincoln Bell!!!!!!

I figured no girl ever would be named Lincoln
Thats why I named my daughter that!!!!!!!!!!
Now the names fucked
At least she has a three year jumpstart on the name though
I just gotta make sure shes the best Lincoln lol

Dude not to boast or anything
But I pretty much have the coolest daughter
I taught her how to climb a tree yesterday
Shes like a lemur
And shes so fucking funny
Shes trying to learn that Gummy Bear Kids Bop Youtube dance
Its hilarious
And shes so competitive
Im not sure if I should be fostering that trait haha

lol im watching this show on Netflix about space, man
The guy who named Uranus was probably like
“The most beautiful planet of them all! I shall name her… UR-aaaaa-NESS!!!
Like the UR that you hear when you say Peru
Well it looks like there is no UR sound in Peru
But that little tongue roll thing the natives do haha
Wow Uranus is the first planet named after Greek mythology as opposed to Roman

Man, the one thing thats really still kicking the shit out of me is seeing things from peoples perspectives
Its so fucking hard
Basically whenever I start to feel passionately about something I check the other side real quick
I know ive been kind of hard on my wife
Im like hardwired to think that she needs to do everything at the pace that ive determined
Its unrealistic
I want her to share in my experiences you know?
I just sometimes feel like im dragging her along
She insists shes happy
But I guess I just cant see how someone could be happy with me haha

I have to remind myself that I need to make more sacrifices
I need to make sure that I do everything I can for this family to stay together
My wife was spitting some knowledge on me the other day
Shes like a marriage isnt 50/50
ITS 100/100!
And its true, you cant have a successful marriage if you have a selfish person who is only willing to come halfway
I told my wife I want to be a counselor because I feel like most people just need to be sat down and talk to
like “Ok you want to get a divorce? Why? She pissed you off somehow? Your ego is programmed to believe this is the proper way to respond to this situation? Listen dickhead, you LOVE her. She LOVES you. Youre paranoid that she is going to try to black widow you and youre acting out of fear. Just put her happiness first. If you do that for a month, youll see the karma start to build. Pretty soon she will be concerned with your happiness. ‘Babe why dont you go grab some drinks with your girlfriend, and when you get home ill make you some popcorn.’ You think shes gonna leave THAT?! Youll have this bitch on that d-”
And then I look up cause I forgot the girl was in the room.
Smoothly clear my throat “And YOU! Dont black widow this poor man!”

But its the weakest link that can tear a family apart.
One mother fucker thinks they’re entitled to something the other isnt willing to give
And its like fuck it
The baby and the bathwater can get the fuck outta here
The fucking weakest link can take down the whole operation

And its not like its anyones FAULT
Its just you gotta do you most the time
Or thats what you think
But telling a young kid they gotta sacrifice something is hard

You got some 16 year old that the only way she knows how to treat a man is the way her mom treated her crackhead boyfriend
No one should have to deal with some 2nd Gen. version of some crazy bitch who also has daddy issues
And no woman should have to deal with some kid who grew up without a dad and now kills full grown dogs for fun either
But its lost souls finding each other
Creating new souls
You cant throw in the towel
And talk down about the souls
We must assist the souls in every way we can

You know how easy it is to break up a teenage family?
A decent rumor
Maybe a mood swing
You just gotta get one of em to quit the thing
The weakest link!
to break up a team you dont have to take out the whole team
you just have to convince the team that they are being betrayed

i worked with a guy who had a drug offense charge on his record
I asked him wtf happened?
He said his uncle was into some sort of drug running operation over the mexican border in the late 90s
I think the guy was like half asain/half mexican too
But anyway, him and of his friends and one of their girlfriends were all riding back across the border after the pick up
So 3 guys, 1 girl
I think the guy told me the the guy with the girlfriend and the girlfriend were both white
idk why that matters lol
But I guess there was a drug dog or something at the border
The authorities asked them to pull to the side
they took them each one of them and isolated them into different rooms
You wanna know how easy it was to get one of them to crack?

I think they just left the girl in a room by herself for like an hour
Then some smelly fat fuck BP guard just came in and was like “Were going to bring you up on drug charges. Your friends all said it was your idea. Youre probably going to jail for a long way. They are already on their way home. They fucking sold your ass up the river little girl. Get comfortable sweetie, youre going to be here for a good minute.”
This bitch is like “Ohhhhhh hell no, actually it was this and that”
Starts fucking naming names her boyfriend told her in confidence haha

The weakest fucking link sank the whole ship!!!!!!!!!!

Ok Ok well I better get going
Its late
Im out of weed

One last thing before I go….
What the fuck is up with all the SWATTING?
Its funny the only “News Source” that reports the bullshit is TMZ
What is the end game here?
What part of the agenda is this???
What rights are they going to try to take away from us now??

Because some “Not inside job” guy is calling the police on every fucking celebrity what will that mean for me??
What a selfish stance huh?
But seriously, wtf is going to happen?
Im assuming there has to be some law on the books they are getting ready to pass
Some tracking system we all need so we know exactly WHO called the 5-0
I really need to delete my TMZ app
I read stories like this all day

I mean I get your building up YOUR product but cmon WHAT is this?
Are you trying to wash peoples minds with this bullshit??
Youre trying to tell me to bow down??? To one of the worst people in this world??
Calling her “Majesty”??? GTFOH!!!
I have no fucking clue why I allow this bullshit to even enter my reality lol
Ok well I need to practice my new guitar!!!

Try to visualize that wonderful moment when you place your head in the guillotine and you knowing in your heart that you are passing the level =)

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