so i dont really have a pace for this blog writing yet

I cant figure it out

sometimes I want to write

most of the time I dont


so whats been up?


well my daughter just had her first cataclysmic meltdown in a department store

kicking, screaming, crying

so that was fun


I fucked up too cause Im in the back of the store like “nah sweetie, you cant buy that crappy plastic bullshit, you already have so much junk in your room already =)”

and she just wasnt having it

first she tried to latch onto my wife’s leg

and she does it by like concentrating all her energies

her whole body turns red


so instead of wait the red baby out

I go right in for her

and as soon as I detach her

well all that energy had to go somewhere

it manifested in this explosion of these windmill-esque little raccoon hand onslaught of claws and right hooks


I blame myself

its like pulling the pin on a grenade while you’re safely in your camp

and then thinking you can finesse your way across enemy lines before it explodes

normally we just hand the cashier a shit load of items

and then politely inform the lady that we are simply humoring our daughter by bringing all this shit she will have to put back up here


the kids asleep in the car before they know what hit em

by the time they wake up something else shiny has caught their eye


so that happened today

kind of bullshit

kind of a stupid thing to write


im so torn cause I wanted to write a journal style blog

but now I feel like it should be entertaining


but who gives a shit right

no one will probably even get this far right? haha


oh I went to the store to get some clones to stick in the ground this year


I was so mad

but a guy there told me to check craigslist

boy was he not lying

people sell all kinds of weed on craigslist haha


oh I went to a few Nuts games the past few days

the first night we went was the Nuts home opener

fucking Delino DeShields wasnt in the lineup

But we got to see Trevor Story


The next day I went with just my daughter and we watched Tyler Andersen pitch

Delino was in the lineup for half the game

I saw him strike out and pop out I think lol


Then I went yesterday again

This time to see this 20 year old kid Archie Bradley

He was a top 10 pick in the draft a couple years back

I think he signed for around 5 mil

But anyway I was super excited because he is like a top 25 prospect and up until then his line was like 2 G, 11 IP, 19 K, 0 ERA


I wanted to see him early

A few years back I went to see a game in Modesto to see this badass pitcher Madison Bumgarner

Well wouldnt ya fucking know it

He got called up to double A earlier in the week


So I didnt want to miss this guy

I had an old Cal League ball

And we all scurried to the team store to buy a 3 dollar sharpie so I could try to get him to sign my ball

He was about to begin warming up and the way the stadium is, I can walk up 2 feet away, but there is a chain linked fence separating us

Im like “Hey Archie, can you sign my ball?”

This motherfucker didnt look like the baby faced high school I remember watching on draft day

He was picking up his glove

Hes like “Yeah, no problem, just not right now.”


First of all, WTF does that mean?

I gotta work for it?

Just scribble your Herbie Hancock on the ball and let me find my cheap seats

But I wait

We all wait

Some other autograph hounds start to come up now

“Good luck out there Archie!” some old dude yells

“Thanks” he says in the direction of the small crowd.

His pitching coach is talking to him.

He seems like something is bothering him.

Hes screaming “4-0 fastball!” at his Puerto Rican catcher. “No! 4-0! fuck it.”

His pitching coach is like “You ready to wrap it up?”

“That last pitch didnt pop. One more.”

He throws like 4 more pitches.

By now Modesto has taken the field


But there I am waiting like a real asshole

Ball in hand

3 dollar sharpie


By now my edible is kicking in and im staring into the sunset lol

Next thing I know I see the asshole jogging towards the mound


Like I get you cant sign a fucking ball in the middle of the game

But when I come to you 20 minutes before the game?

Ah who gives a shit

What am I going to complain about superstar athletes?

That fucking gripe hasnt been heard before?


What does everyone think of the Boston bombing?

Was that shit legit?

I havent really looked into it but it looks like more of the same right?

Like its from the same production company as all the other bullshit right?

On reddit I was already seeing the usual

“Facebook Boston Tragedy page registered 2 days before the event”

“Police were conducting bomb drills that morning”


And of course they are going to pin it on one man

And inevitably try to take away another liberty


I think its sad when I go on facebook and see that peoples lives are visably shaken

Its such a narrow view of the world

Like you get up for this?

3 fucking people??


And they just try to paste the imagery in your head too

Over and Over

Disgusting and Pathetic


I feel there is going to become a point where we will have to stand for what we truly believe in our core

I often see people just living in this comfortable content fear

And that is no way to live


Like these Jehovah Witnesses came to my door the other day

And I was high as fuck

But im talking to these two old ladies

One was Mexican and one was white

The white one had a walker

But they were both really old


The white lady said to me “Arent you afraid? There are nuclear bombs pointed at us. The end times…”

I had to cut her off like “Fuck that.” Well I dont think I cussed but I was like “Fudge that! Thats no way to live. You cannot make accurate life choices when you are cripled by fear. Its all fake!”

It makes me mad that religions pray on the scared and down and out.

If you are reppin a religion you owe it to your religion to provide an accurate representation of your religion.

Jesus never scared anyone

Well actually I have no clue if that is true

He could have been like the old school version of Bushman

You know that asshole in SF who hides behind a branch he ripped off a tree and justs jumps out and scares people haha


But thats whats happening here.

They just want you to stay inside and play by their rules.

I dont know who THEY is lol, but it appears to be a group of people trying to steer humanity in a certained direction, right?

Its whats called a PsyOp

They are not trying take your rights away via your firearms

They are trying to make you so fucking scared of all these “crazies” that you gladly sign over your life in favor of protection

Its a war on your mind and your ideas


There is nothing to be afraid of

We live, we die, we learn, we evolve

No matter what there will always be a balance

And its our job to just continue to fight for our souls salvation or something like that

In this lifetime and in the ones to come


Im really on the fence whether or not to publish this blog since nothing really happened haha

Ok I will

haha what a douche

“Ok I will” he says like there is some sort of demand haha

Ok well I have to catch up on the Real Housewives haha

4 thoughts on “a baseball game and some other shit

  1. haha dude I had to talk myself off the ledge just to be able to enjoy myself and watch the kid pitch. Im telling myself the whole way to our seats “he was just warming up, he was in the zone, he doesnt hate me” haha
    I just wish I would have been there with a couple of my loud mouth drunkard friends. Instead I have to sit next to my wife like one of those kids whose grades werent good enough to go on the 7th grade honor roll field trip so they are in the cafeteria perched next to someone who they dont really care to be next to. My wife is trying to make conversation while Im in some elaborate fantasy in my head where I walk away with an autographed ball hahaha

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