I think im just about done with facebook

I havent posted anything in a long time and my facebook now pathetically reminds me with notifications

I do however occasionally enjoy the emotion garbage that gets flug 

Like some girl posted on her facebook “ahh hell no, some MFer cracked my window and stole my purse! Karmas a bitch! They gonna get theres!!”


When people talk about Karma its always like their point of view on Karma

Like why dont people just put “fuuuuck… someone stole my shit, hopefully thats the last of my shitty karma ive built up” ya know?

Why are you always taking the role of like the annoying friend who cant fight but is always talking the most shit?

Youre like “thats right son, you got yours coming brah!”

Just fucking screaming to no one



I mean when a bird takes a shit on your new sportscoat

You should really be like, oh thank God that Karma blast wasnt in the form of like, a fucking falling piano or something lol


During Easter I was talking to my Grandpa and I said Karma, and hes like “now what exactly is this Karma deal?”

like its some new diet fade

Im like “its in the bible! you reap what you sow!”

Basically breaking down the law in a sentence rather than a word

And we still cant grasp it!


So I end up having a couple Mormons over

Its funny I just bought this book ‘Secrets of the Ancient World” 2 days ago

And im flipping through it and there is this part where Edgar Cayce talks about Mormonism saying “…they have a great deal of truth…”

So that kind of put me at ease a little bit


I had already spoke with one on the phone and they knew I was interested in Melchizedek

Did you know these guys really do ride bikes everywhere?

Its not just a myth!

We sat down in my apartment

I was baaaked

The whole place smelt of inscents

And I had some experimental jazz on haha

The skinnier one with blonde hair just handed me the Mormon dictionary and pointed to where Melchizedek was in there and asked me to read it.

I read it aloud. Awkward.

Then when I finished reading it, he was like “Well there you have it!”

As if the definition should answer all my questions

I had already read it online and told him

He seemed shocked lol


We sat their and bullshitted for over an hour lol

I think I was kind of blowing their mind with some shit

Everytime I started talking I was thinking ‘fuck im gonig to lose them for sure’

But they kept and open mind and so did I

And I dont think we are too far off in a lot of things


I was kind of misinformed about a lot of their things too

I didnt even know if they read the bible or not lol

They do

But it was cool, we discussed the differences between the Aaronic priesthood and the Melchizedek priesthood

Basically the story goes we werent deemed ready for the Melchizedek priesthood so we were order to follow the Aaronic priesthood

I kind of broke it down like, if the book of Mormon is essentially the Melchizedek priesthood, then yes, I am very interested in seeing what this is about…


according to this…




“The Melchizedek Priesthood Is the Power to Administer in Spiritual Things”


So youre telling me there is a branch of the Mormons who have the POWER to administer in SPIRITUAL things!!!


Where do I sign up?! lol

Of course you do have to fulfill your responsibilities in the Aaron priesthood first

How fucking cool would it be to get like 4 or 5 of your buddies together and all embark on some crazy journey

I mean these kids were from Salt Lake


We also talked about the idea of two different Gods

(Something one of my commenters brought to my attention)

But basically the idea or theory that in Genesis 

We are told the story of creation by two different Gods

The first God was the creator, and supposedly created a world that was subpar for human conditions

And then another God who came down and saved the humans and taught them a way to live the best possible life while also offering a way to salvation


The skinnier blonde kid was like “Thats what we believe!”

And his friend kind of had this look on his face like “We do?!”


But apparently the Mormons have a similar belief to the Gnostics

In Genesis 1 the word for God the creator is Elohim

In Genesis 2 the word for the Lord God is Yahweh Elohim


So there you have it

We have a creator of the material world, the source of all life,

And we have a savior, a lord, someone with a vested interest in our development


On the other hand if you were to start a religion I suppose your first chapter would be about the God that created the world

Then in the second chapter you slowly take the baton from that God and take up where he left off lol


according to http://answering-islam.org/BibleCom/yahweh.html


“Thus the name Yahwoh is used when the Bible wishes to present the personal character of God and his direct relationship with those human beings who have a special association with him. Contrariwise, Elohim occurs when the Scriptures are referring to God as a transcendent Being who is the author of the material world, yet One who stands above it. Elohim conveys the more philosophically oriented concept that connects deity with the existence of the world and humanity. But for those who seek the more direct, personal and ethically oriented view of God, the term Yahweh was more appropriate.”


fucking cray cray am I right right?


Oh also I set up an appointment with this lady who studies Edgar Cayce. I went to EdgarCayce.org I think and was able to locate a group practicing right here in Modesto!! what are the odds?

The lady said it was an all womans group right now and that I might be uncomfortable

I think thats just how old/smart people manipulate you lol

They tell you exactly how you should react according to their reality

Like when you want to go out with your buddies but you dont want one of your annoying friends to come

You cant just come out and say it

So you have to make them believe that they came up with the idea

“Fuck its gonna be cold tonight. Probably not worth even going out. Oh shit you got the new season of Childrens Hospital? You should blaze it and watch that shit tonight. I mean could you really have a better night than that? Literally one of the funniest shows ever. Damn are you losing weight? Fuck man its half off full flavored beer night, arent you never supposed to drink your calories? I may cut out early so Im going to take my own car, but you can follow behind.”


You just keep slowly breaking them down

Leading them right up to where you want them to be

Finally they are so demoralized there like “Fuuck man, I think im just gonna chill at home, maybe hit up the ex” lol


So anyway I told the lady I wouldnt be uncomfortable

Crisis avoided lol

But she is going to make time to meet up with me next week I think…

So pretty cool yeah??


Also I was on twitter last night and one of the many earthquake twitter’ers I follow posted about a 7. something earthquake that struck last night in the ring of fire

It wasnt exactly 188 days, but it is interesting that like clockwork since that one massive earthquake that there has been a huge earthquake consistently in cycles


So about 195 days ago I freaked out so bad when we were living in Southern California that I packed up my wife and kid and drove all the way to Arizona hahaha

Some asshole had me googling Navy Flood Maps

I was really thinking the end of times was near

Maybe it is but who gives a shit

Its just our ego finding something besides soul advancement to worry about right?

3 thoughts on “Karma, More Mormons and 2 Gods

  1. You sound like a curious person. I like how you write. But please dont get me started on Mormons and defo not Jehovahs witnesses. The Karma thought is good. The panicking…… Hmmmm. Did she meet with you????

  2. I really like how open minded you are to everything! From reading some of your other posts, I find that you are wiser than you give yourself credit for. I decided to post a comment on this page because I am Mormon and there are a lot of misconceptions out there. There is way more to my religion than what others understand it to be and it’s nice to see that you treated those young missionaries well…I can’t say much else for other people. Anyhow…I really like your blog!

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