Anyone else in love with Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson?!



Ive had this song on repeat for at least a month…

It doesnt help that I only have like 8 songs on my phone

Once I cracked my Note II I have no desire to put music on my phone

Instead I hook up my ipod with like 30,000 songs on it to the stereo in the living room

But when im in the shower, since the speaker on this phone is so loud

I just play, and then replay, all my songs already on here


But every morning at like 6:30 am, I stumble out of bed

Hit play on my jam, smoke a super small nugget for good measure, and then brush my teeth

My day has begun!!


But really, I gotta find a youtube video and break this shit down for you…



Ok that is a video with lyrics

If you can go break into your teenage sons dresser

Take a little pinch of Gods holy green herb

Close your eyes

Take about ten deep breaths and let this song hit you


So you might have some preconceived bullshit about Jacko

But put it behind you

Hear the message

Hes preachin!!!!!!


omg when my part comes on… shiiiiiitt….


“as I, turn up the collar owwwwwwwwn


my favorite winter cooooat


This wind is blowin’ my miiiiiiiiiind


I see the kidssss in the street,


With not enough to eeeeeeeeeat


Who am IIIII, to be blllllind?


Pretending not to see their need (dah!)


A summer’s disregaaard,


A broken bottle tooop


And a one man’s soullllllll wa


They follow each other on


The wind ya’ knoow


‘Cause they got nowwhere to go


That’s whyyyyn I want you to k(NOW!)w




Chilling am I right?


Its so sad to admit but the only way I even started listening to Michael Jackson was because of Jonny Craig

Hes this singer from a few towns north of me

He is incredibly talented

And just listening to his music I was able to appreciate the fine tuned instrument that was his voice

People would love to compare Jonny Craigs range to Michael Jacksons

And Ill be honest, when I see Jonny Craig live, which I think ive seen him like 4 times

I feel like im witnessing a special voice

The only problem is…

Well Jonny Craig is kind of a colossal douche.


[heres a picture of him and I]

His voice is beautiful but you can tell its coming from a place of pain

or a part that is trying to cover up the pain

His most well known song is called Children of Divorce

Lets just say its a beautiful song with pretty terrible lyrics

I mean calling your child a mistake in a very popular song… in the age of the Internet not to mention…

Probably not going to impress your child custody mediator


You can see the battle he is fighting

And its def his own battle

But its a battle of the Ego



I must say though, my mullet was in tribute

How can you not root for a short red-headed kid with a mullet who scams his own fans online pretending to sell a mac book, only to have his loyal fans paypal him money which he in turn spent on heroin…

Its the perfect first act for a story of redemption!!


so anyway

Michael Jacksons ‘They Dont Care About Us’ comes on

And im like, Damn! This fool and Jonny Craig do sound alike!

I would break that Jacko song down since it is one of my favorites but he goes after the Jews pretty hard lol


But when Jacko sings…


“Tell me what has become of my life


I have a wife and two children who loooooooooooooove me


I am the victim of police brutality, now


I’m tired of bein’ the victim of hate


You’re rapin’ me off my pride


Oh, for God’s sake


I look to heaven to fulfill its prophecy…


Set me free”


OMG if you dont get goosebumps, psh, thats not cool!

Im not a big fan of the chorus but when he says ‘A wife and two children who LOOOOVE me’ omg its fucking nuts bro!

I figure Ill defend Michael real quick too

Supposedly he was a castrato, thats the reason why his voice never changed




Theories point to his acne medication being anti-testosterone

Supposedly when they set him on fire during the Pepsi commercial, they put him on heavy duty pain medication

the license plate on the ambulance that leaves his house and the one on the ambulance that arrives at the hospital are different

He was going to leave Sony owning half of their publishing

They werent having it


Theres a bunch of other bullshit too


But this is just a reminder

Dont believe everything you hear, see or read




I feel like a dickhead because whenever my wife’s niece or nephew come over im like ‘so what are you guys learning about in school’

they both simultaneously go “iiiuuuunnnnnnoooo’

‘BULLSHIT! CMON! History? What are you learning in history?!’

‘well we dont have history right now’

‘ok ok, science?!’

‘not this year’

or like they will be listening to a song and ill be like, whats this song about?

they roll their shoulders

hmmmm ok let ME check it out

Pull up google ‘Ellie Goulding Anything Could Happen’

As im pulling up the lyrics im still giving them a hard time

‘well what does it mean to you?’

they both confer for a moment… ‘we think its like about a girl who likes this guy and she knows that anything could… like… happen… like… you know?’


I read the lyrics and im like ‘clearly this bitch is talking about the occult’

We pull up the video and right away youre inundated with a shit load of pyramids

and what seems to be some sort of goddess worship

I mean, shes standing there with her fucking UFO lol


Im thinking, alright I taught these kids something

Now that is knowledge that they can have with them

but they dont give a shit

they probably like the song more now


I would fucking die of joy if one day one of them came up to me and was like ‘Did you know that October has octo in it because it used to be the eighth month? November=9… The Deca in December? 10 mother fucker! Did you know THAT shit fatboy?!’

I would break down crying like a proud parent watching their kid going off to Junior College


But I mean, thats what the universe is telling me

I need to understand other peoples point of view

Do you have any fn clue how hard that is???


btw anyone notice ive cut back on the F words??


I remember when I was like 15 going to a charter school

And the teacher would be like Sam whatever his name is in The Big Lebowski like ‘do you have to use so many curse words??’

But fuck man, for me, ill be on the phone with my dear old Grandmother dropping F bombs left and right, not even realizing it.


When I go to my moms house ill be talking to my brother and every 2 minutes ill hear my mom scream from the other room ‘LANGUAGE!’

like ‘wtf did I say?’

its all about context man

who gives a shit if I say shit

its just lingustics


Idk maybe im wrong


maybe there is some beauty that comes with that ability to express your thoughts without talking like a high school dropout in their late 20s but fuck man, thats what I am!! lol


I just dont get why you wouldnt want to have as much knowledge as possible

why you wouldnt want to be as well rounded as possible


Even with my peanut brain that retains nothing

I still want to know at least the basics of whats going down

I eventually want to be able to understand some really complex shit, ya know?

Thats the theory of the liberal arts

the trivium and quadrivium

you have to understand grammar, rhetoric, and logic

before you can grasp arithmetic, geometry, music, astrology/astronomy

my problem is im one of those assholes who takes all elective courses and refuses to learn mathematics



But I think the lack of drive comes from people not grasping how important they are

These poor kids think they are insignificant

They are already contemplating joining the navy at like ages 11 and 13



My wife and I were talking about Easter

and she was telling me I need to get a haircut

I told her if she can tell me what Easter and the word “Amen” mean then I will get a haircut

She came back with the American version of them both lol

My fantasy would be she would come up to me and be like ‘who the fuck is Amen-Ra?!’


But she tried so I got a haircut

She bought me an Astros hat too

That made me happy

idk why but each year I like showing my support for a really shitty team

then when they get good im not so interested in them anymore lol

But the Astros are going to the AL this year so that will be cool

Unfortunately I think their DH is Carlos Pena


I really wanted to get a Reds hat, but, fuck dude, I live on the westside

Im not trying to get shot cause Im an Arodis Chapman fan ya know?

Its scary enough giving people water in the park

Everytime im like, plllllease dont be evil lol


whoa so you know how wordpress will tell you the views you have from google searches?

somebody came here by entering “urim and thummim” “edgar cayce”

How f-ing cool is that?!

but that got me thinking, why would this fella be goggling it?


The only reason it comes up when you go to my site is because in the Alchemist Santiago is given Urim and Thummim, by Melchizedek.


So why was Melchizedek giving this kid 2 stones?

So I google “Urim and Thummim” “Edgar Cayce” too, of course.

What comes up?



According to this, Joseph Smith was led by to these stones that were inscribed in Ancient Egyptian.

How did he translate them?

Well there were 2 stones left there for him

Urim and Thummim!!


With the help of these two stones, he translated these tablets into what is now The Book of Mormon…

also feel free to disprove all of this stuff

im obviously finding these answer because im seeking them out


So I called my aunt and uncle yesterday…

I had a missed phone call from their number and a huge voicemail icon staring at me everyday for a week

But for some reason I couldnt check it

I really have no clue why, but every time I would see the icon it would stress me out

And the thing is, I love my aunt and uncle

Finally when I did check it it was just my aunt saying she was trying to get a head count for Easter.

I called her back.

My uncle called me later that night and we got to talking again

We got to talking

He wants me to listen to some radio show about Daniel

We got into a big discussion

Sometimes I feel like we can come to a common ground to begin a discussion

Other times I feel like there is no motive for him to try to interpt the bible

He just wants to take it as face value…

I was telling him my theory based on Cayces interpetations

That the way into heaven is to be Christ like by having all your chakras alligned

and that our damnation is simply us choosing to not incarnate anymore by lack of belief

I was telling him I think the guy on his deathbed who accepts Christ into his heart isnt promised heaven

but simply avoids damnation and is able to continue his quest for Christhood in another life

He was stuck on the fact that the bible doesnt teach reincarnation

When we got off the phone I googled it.

This was the first thing I pulled up and what do you know it supports my argument?

Like im gonna read one that disagrees with me! lol jk



Whoa so in the book of Mormon they talk about the Lamanite people

who are indigenous Americans!!!!

And supposedly they were cursed with dark pigmentation in their skin so they wouldnt be attractive to the Nephite people.

Heres the passage from the book of Mormon

I really should read it in context lol


“2 Nephi 5:21”: 21 And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delight some, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.


Thats so funny because I was just reading Venture Inward and in the book they addressed that same questions

Hold on let me find it


Ok on page 80


Q. What should be our attitude towards the negro, and how may we best work out the karma created in relationship with him?


No remember this reading was done in the 1930s so the common folk werent as refined as they are today lol


But here is the A. lol


He is thy brother! Those who caused or brought servitude to him, without thought or purpose, have created that which must be met within their own principles, their own selves. These [Negroes] should be held in an attitude of their own personal fitness-as in every other form of association. For he hath made of one blood the nations of earth.


Well theres a ringing endorsement that seems to contradict what the Mormon scripture seems to be saying.

fuck i just went outside to try an get my jump-rope on

like 38 non consecutive hops later ive seemed to have rolled my ankle

I used to be a lot more athletic


But anyway back to the Mormons

So what is there deal?

Are they following the order of Melchizedek or what?

I called like 10 local LDS churches and not one of them answered the phone

Maybe thats a sign lol


Check out this website with all the similarities between Jesus and Melchizedek



Theres so much shit I want to write but its all too scattered

Im starting to become preoccupied with all this research



Oh, good news

My wife found my salvia!!

Maybe that will help me do some unblocking lol


There is one more thing I want to let everyone know about

Its this site I came across called…



When I went to that psychic, I asked her ‘do you do birth charts?’

shes like ‘nah but my moms does for like 50’

I was gonna do it to but shiiiit

This website literally hooks you up so much

And this is technology that has never be so easy to access so I really encourage you to try it

Its so simple

All you need is your name

Your birthday

Your birth location (which is easily searchable)

And your birth time


The birth time is very important

I had to rip my room apart looking for my birth certificate to see when I was born… 8:51 am if anyone cares.

But this site will break shit down…

Where is the optimal place to live on this earth being

Your personalized horoscope

Every degree of every planet and where it was at the exact time you were brought into the logos


Also I finally figured out how to post youtube videos so ill post the 4 hour doc that I was talking about in one of my earlier posts.

If you have some extra time, you can watch it in like 23 individual episodes

But I suggest just getting it out of the way

If you have a ps3 just watch it on your flat screen

Its fucking MIND-BLOWING

You will understand metatrons cube

And some of the really important numbers



Ok I think thats about it for today

16 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, Jonny Craig, Mormons and Birth Charts

  1. I like to always reply with this zinger when people are staring at me. . . “What are you looking at? I ain’t the man in the mirror!” ehhhhh. 🙂

  2. Oh, and any text that referred to reincarnation literally was probably removed from the bible. Check out the dead Sea Scrolls if you haven’t already. There are some figurative parallels to reincarnation. . such as baptism (washing away sins. . as in washing away past lives.) being “born again”. . . it’s all very subtle. . but it’s there. Oh and check out Zeitgeist if you already haven’t. You can stream it through Netflix, or check it Youtube.

    • Ive seen Zeitgeist. It is very interesting. The part about the Sun Gods is very interesting. I havent yet read the dead sea scrolls, just a lot about them. At this point I think Im comfortable in saying that if previous ancient religions existed, why would God not show up through some incarnation?

      I found this one dudes website who seems to think that Hebrews 9:27 is not saying that we do not reincarnate, but simply the fact that the messiah would only have to die once for our sins.


      In Revalation when 20, specifically 20:6 it says

      “Blessed and Holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a 1000 years.”

      It seems to be talking about the RE-incarnation of the evolved souls basically… prior to that is when they talk about the rest of the dead having to remain dead for 1000 years…

      • maybe god is showing up through the incarnations of the whole human race? Or as the entire planet? Universe?

        The gnostics, which what Jesus was supposedly rumored to be, believed that there was a jealous god who didn’t want us to leave the earth and a loving god who was above this jealous god (hence the two sides of god. . unconditional love, yet easily angered and petty) You had to somehow find ways to incarnate above this spiteful god in order to reach the true god.
        orrr something like that. 🙂

      • fuuuck, now you got me googling gnostic jesus lol this shit is crazy… apparently, like you said, a demiurge created a shitty material world, it was not the MAIN white bearded man in the sky lol

  3. I tried, but no, can’t get into MJ. The message was nice though… In the photo, you are radiant, the singer looks like a junkie. (This is an extraneous comment.)… I get a kick out of astrology, Have you heard the saying, “the stars impel, but do not compel?”

    • I google’d “the stars impel, but do not compel”… the interpretation I got was that the Stars cast influence but do not force you to do anything, we all still have free will. Is that what that means or am I misinterpreting it?? lol And thanks for the compliment, I probably appear radiant cause Im riding a heavy pot brownie haha

  4. Yeah, you got the meaning. I still enjoy astrology, though i don’t want to accept it as determining my fate. I guess astrologers would say that they tell you where your battles are going to be… I used to love it, but quit smoking when my first child was born. Now, sheesh, the hairy stuff is too strong for me to handle!

  5. Here to help with the Mormon thing! I was raised Mormon, but I’m not practicing anymore. Anyway, for your questions:

    You’re right on with the Urim and Thummim stuff. Joseph Smith was given one, as was Moses and basically all the old testament prophets. Through the Urim and Thummim they were able to translate texts and receive revelation from God.

    Mormons believe they hold the same priesthood and belong to the same order as Melchizedek did, as well as belonging to the order of Aaron (Moses’ brother).

    For a long time the cursing with black skin thing was used as an excuse to bar people of African descent (it didn’t apply to everyone who wasn’t Caucasian or who had darker pigmented skin, just African) from holding the priesthood and partaking in all the rituals and blessings of the LDS Church. Since the 70s this ban has been lifted and in general Mormons don’t like to talk about it, or the skin cursing stuff.

    Which brings me to my last point. You probably won’t get many answers to these kinds of questions through direct contact with the LDS Church or its missionaries. They prefer to talk about the less controversial doctrines, especially with people who aren’t Mormon. If you want to know more I’d suggest looking up some post-Mormon groups online. There’s a pretty good one on reddit, but also be careful with this stuff because a lot of people like to sling bullshit about the Mormons that’s just not true, which is funny because there’s enough weird true stuff to go around. Hope this helps a bit.

  6. Whoa I had no clue about Moses and all the other prophets… I googled it and found this website


    Thats crazy stuff.
    I actually ran into a few Mormon kids unloading some stuff out of their truck the day after I post this. We are gonna meet up on Friday lol
    Im not sure they are going to answer my questions
    But I will def check out that reddit site! Thanks so much…

  7. Dude, the first time I sat down and really listened to Jackson’s lyrics, I was blown away!! There’s so much gravity to what he sings about!! It’s really moving. Really impressive!

  8. I’m with you on ‘Man In The Mirror,’ unquestionably one of the greatest pieces of music ever created, and will break the heart of anyone who really does listen with the heart instead of the ego. I’m near to tears each time I hear it.

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