well my favorite pipe committed suicide
there I was sitting on the sidewalk minding my own business
when #5 on my ‘top 10 most expensive things I own’ decided to base-jump out of my lap and take a header straight down into the gutter

you know, if I didnt believe in omens I would have been quite upset
my wife freaked out more than I did
she was like ‘you just bought an eighth! what are you going to do?! are there any smoke shops open at this hour?!’
thankfully still smokin was still open
i purchased a bubbler pipe
my thinking was, ‘fuck it, its probably better to have your smoke filtered through water, so… fuck it.’
now at the moment I was not factoring in mobility
and if theres one thing I love, its being extremely high in public
within my first two times using this fucking thing ive already dumped the water on my pants and nearly drank the fucking water the second time.
maybe i should have just quit smoking lol

oh so my wife and I obviously need to pick out a name for the baby
right now Im thinking the name Cassius
I want it to be a 7 letter first name
with probably a 5 letter middle name
and I think the name sounds very strong
my wife likes the fact that she could call him Cash for short but wouldnt have to deal with the douchy-ness of being a parent who would actually name their child CASH.

I think there is a cornerback for the Broncos or Colts now named Cassius Vaughn. And theres Cassius Clay of course. I feel like their may have been an evil Cassius along the way, cause why would people not name their kid this bad ass name?!

its so weird, you know when something comes up in your reality
and you think its just interesting, but nothing to really dig into
and then it keeps poppin up
then before you know it, its worked its way to the front of your mind and now you just cant ignore it?

Well ever since I was drawn to that Numerology book in the used bookstore that day, Ive kind of had my eye out for certain numbers.
And then of course I was reading some more Edgar Cayce and he was saying that when they talk about the 7 churches and the 7 seals that the represent, John is talking about chakras.

The 7 Churches relating to the Glands

Ephesus – Gonads
Smyrna – Lyden
Pergamos – Adrenals
Thyatira – Thymus
Sardis – Thyroid
Philadelphia – Pineal
Laodicea – Pituitary

These are all seals on the book that cannot be opened. John is told by the elders that Christ can open the seals. This is interpreted as no may can unlock the seals of the book unless they had unlocked all there chakras, and that the Christ soul was able to do it. Christ hood can be attained by anyone.

The four beasts represent the four lower spiritual center’s animistic desires. the 24 elders represent the 24 nerves from the brain leading to his 5 senses.

so that got me thinking, 7 appears everywhere
so I googled ‘7 continents 7 chakras’

apparently 7 is EVERYWHERE
7 days in creation
7 chakras
7 continents
7 churches
7 colors in a spectrum
7 notes on a perfect scale
7 seas
7 layers of stars in the cosmos
7 nerve centers on your spine
7 layers of earth
7 layers of atmosphere

fucking cray

lol im watching Captain America right now with Lincoln. Its so funny how they want you to think that killing the enemy because they are the ‘enemy’ is ok.
I told my wife, these fucking guys must be like,
‘aw shit, its fucking Captain America! Hes going to rip us limb from limb. Well I hope in this moment I can connect through some spiritual realm and let my wife and two poor children know that I love them, and that the reason Im allowing Captain America to rip me limb from limb is because everyone in my WHOLE fucking village was telling me that it was the patriotic thing to do, and that I was protecting my family from these American monsters. In the name of God! CHARGE!’
And then they get destroyed and everyone in the theater cheers their demise.
HAHA Im talking to my wife like Captain America is real lol
its just brutal to realize that nearly everyone still thinks that way.
they say fuck whoever we are fighting, but they never stop to question WHY we are fighting?
Is it because a few filthy fucking bankers are building a war, then selling it to both sides, with no concern for human life, just the fact that they KNOW they will profit?
All the pawns are trying to do the right thing and protect their illusion. You cant really blame them.

Up until very recently I was very concerned with what was happening all over the world RIGHT NOW. What fucking new shitty laws were being passed. What bullshit was being sold down my throat. I was watching the stupid fucking Alex Jones youtube videos.

But it doesnt help. It doesnt matter. Alex Jones and all those other parasites that play on your fears are just the answer that was provided for us. Its the mouth piece were supposed to agree with.

I was watching some doc the other day, I wish I could remember the name of it, but it was saying that every war followed the same exact tactic. Have an event (false flag or real). Manufacture an outcry. When the people are at their most vulnerable provide them with the solution you thought of before the event even occurred.

every war we’ve entered has been the same way.
Someone “attacks” us, we are shattered, then we fucking annihilate some mineral rich middle eastern country or some place that allows us to build on the military industrial complex.

Pearl Harbor
Gulf of Tonkin
Just google causes of wars. They are all either completely head scratching or just bullshit.

But its fear. Its not helping AT ALL. Fear is a drug that is extremely hard to kick. What are you fearful of? You losing you.

Well fuck man, you never even found you!
you were too busy worrying about YOU, YOU forgot to do the one thing you were put on this earth to do. Help others. Nah, you were fearful. You were keeping your kids indoors and sheltering them from life because of your fear. Now the fear has spread.

Change your vibration!!!!!! eliminate fear… =)

So I bought 3 new books today at the bookstore.

Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus
Recovering the Ancient Magic
Miracle of the Ages – the Great Pyramid

Well I called the DMV and they said that I have to get an sr22 and pay all these reinstatement fees and shit. Also that I needed to take care of my fines. 863 son! Looks like this mofo is walking!
Sarah is making me laugh. She spends an hour taking all these sexy pictures and then another 2 editing them. Im like ‘fool im not some dude youre chatting it up with on christiansingles.com, I KNOW what you look like without that instagram filter’ lol
Alright, I need to eat. All Ive had is Costco cheese pizza and coldstone. yikes =(
Time for some quinoa!!

12 thoughts on “RIP dear friend…

  1. This flowed very well. One minute I’m reading about a pipe, next baby name, then the number 7.

    I do like how you pointed out the “Number 7” and that it IS everywhere! Creepy.

    Anyways I really liked you post. Impressive.

  2. Try googling “seven tastes,” “seven smells,” and “seven feelings.” I just did this the other day. Very interesting.

    Love the way you express the bullshit exploitation situation that is happening. You can really write. Please keep writing.

    Are you interested in using the meanings of letters (Hebrew equivalent of the Roman letters) to choose a baby name with spiritual meaning that you would enjoy? My husband is more than proficient at this.

  3. Oh dear my dear see here see here our mittens we have lost. Hey Dude (I’m actually too old to call people dude but you started it), since you liked a post of mine I checked you out. This is the only one I’ve read (so far) and I was laughing all the way through. THANX, I needed that. I’m twice your age but I can still laugh and I can sure as hell cry!

    I’m also going to check out more of your “stuff” soon. Why not name a kid after a bad ass? Hell I like the nickname Cash too but I seem to remember some idiotic movie with that name which might cut down on the elan. I guess Google here I come.

    You seem a little Bukowski(ish) to me tonight but then I’ve only read one post and been in the gin. I’ll reread you tomorrow and see if that thought holds. (That is if I can remember tomorrow what I thought tonight) I’m now “following” to remind me. From me Bukowski(ish) is a big compliment but for you who knows? For me I can’t decide if I’m Dr Seuss or Ogden Nash or just plain stupid.

    Keep it up in every sense of the words. dru

    • haha thanks for reading. I love Bukowski. Well all ive read of him. Woman and Hot Water Music. The documentary “Born into This” is fucking nuts.

      Upon your gin-less revisit, I highly doubt you will have those same thoughts lol Ive found it very liberating to embrace my stupidness haha

      anyway check out this song

      Theres a Bukowski ref in the song, but it fits that same vibe…

  4. What an intriguing article you have written. A spirling story content that is flowing like a slinky heading down the escalator at a rapid pace. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for liking my idea for charity. It”s hard to get stuff like that off the ground, it really is. Whenever someone likes my stuff, I usually pop over to have a look at what they are up to. I was really surprised and interested by this post. About a year ago, I was living a fairly socially isolated life in Japan and reading HEAPS of Zero Hedge and stuff like that. I was really on this mad pursuit of the best of alternative media in the states. A lot of it really did just induce fear, and didn’t give you anything useful to do. Didn’t seem very proactive. Although I liked BITS and pieces of occupy and anonymous stuff. Not all of it, some of it. But I gave it up to try and create a better kind of web myself, something that helps people, takes away feeling s of powerlessness. I found your post incredibly intriguing and an antidote to some of that negativity. I loved the punctuation, felt like the old “Peace train” coming by Cat Stevens, or something. Respect. PS; Not into numerology but I do like some of the Enneagram stuff and Kabalah intrigues me. I am mostly Christian/Buddhist. Check out my other blogs too if you have time. Be happy.

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