hello hello hello (in Todd Margaret voice)
well this whole day light savings bullshit has really fucked up my smoking schedule
at first I was smoking as soon as I woke up
usually around 5:30-6 AM
then I put my foot down and decided to only smoke after noon
now its 7:22 and im sitting here in my livingroom while my wife sleeps
I have all this time to myself
I have to smoke!!

I really regressed and Im quite sad about it
I was really making a positive step towards enlightenment I think
I was getting rid of all my bullshit
no tv, no ps3
just writing
and then the new MLB game came out
and although my ps3 game reader is broken
apparently I can still download games to my harddrive
kinda bullshit
so now im stuck in the vicious cycle of baseball simulation
I better pack a bowl right now
fuck man, im listening to Joe Rogan right now
Its crazy how much I used to like Rogans podcast
but its quickly going the way of the Doug Benson podcast
too much entitilement I feel
Its like I used to always read AP magazine
browse through the reviews and find all the 5 star reviews
and then at some point the magazine got too cool for school
and decided that it was a PRIVALAGE to get a 5 star review
Not to hear your fucking snarky review about how whatever shit band ripped off whatever shit band
I have no desire to read your little blurb about how it didnt live up to expectations
I just want to know what is cool man! Is that too much to ask?!

There are some people that WANT to be cynical
cynical is not good
its not anything
everyone can be cynical
Its all left brain bullshit
::in nasally nerd voice:: ‘uh technically that is highly improbable because the science shows that a recent study said that-’
come at me when you can use your right brain son
come at me then
im an ideas man
im not into your organized chaos
thats you bud
im into exploring NEW ideas
becoming an enlightened soul that can transverse multi dimensions
not to be constantly reminded of the things that dont fit into your very uniform reality
like I said, thats you dog, not me

but anyway, Rogan is always shitting on all his guests
he has these people on so he can play some sort of left brained devils advocate
anytime he has a doctor on or someone with something of interest to say
he invites them on and then FIGHTS them on everything
hes in the realm of where his opinion is fact
guys come and and say something and he replies with ‘welllll, thats no exactly true. the truth is that…’
and then he spits out HIS reality
Get back to you son
or he will purposely steer the conversation towards yoga
so that he can go into his pre planned super outdated bit on creepy fake yoga guys
stop being concerned that your AUDIENCE isnt entertained
you are your own being, growing everyday
you are not meant to supress
you are meant to expand

but the reason the JRE manifested itself in my reality was to make me aware of this type of behavior that I obviously am observing because it exists in myself
I have become aware of it for a reason
maybe it helps me realize the format that I would like to use one day
no left brain bullshit lol
no complaining about shit thats wrong
no trying to cram bits in
id like to do a show just recording cool interactions with people
helping people out
providing a forum for helping masked thinly in some sort of comedy lol

but enough hating on Rogan

Well alot has happened in the past few days
my wife and I sorted things out just like I said we would
and we were stronger than ever!!
then some unexpected bullshit came up and you know, we went through the cycle again
but its all good now
I got everything I needed
so did she

I went and saw Oz which was a fun experience

::spoiler alerts ahead::

I went to the co-op and bought a x4 hash oil dose sugar cookie
It didnt really kick in until after the movie lol
I have a super high tolerance and it is a very bad thing lol
I hate it
But Oz was cool
I mean there was a lot of holes
in the original they explained that the whole reality of Oz was something Dorothy was internally experiencing
Dorothy was having some sort of fever or some bullshit
and eventually she came out of it
the Oz movie, Franco never wakes up!
Is that his realm now? or did he just hack the system and transverse the world in which he was originally in??
who fucking knows cause the movie never addresses it!
But Idk, Oz was a douche
He was about to have all the riches and be with the witch that originally saved him from the forrests of Oz
She tells him, go smash the other bitches wand
and just as hes about to, Glenda turns around and is like ‘hey hey hey, wtf is going on here bitch? you gonna break my fucking wand?!
and Oz is like ‘derrrr, youre pretty, i think I like you now, derrrr’
then he fucks over Meg and she turns all green
I mean he really fucked her over

It was funny though
we went with Lincoln and there is a chase scene
and the fucking theater was packed
and Oz is being chased, hes losing ground quickly
then bam! he comes to a point where he needs to jump…
hes waiting…
the people chasing him are closing in on him…
the music is building…
the tension is building…
the people chasing him are getting closer
and his friends have already jumped
hes by himself standing there like an idiot
just waiting

Lincoln couldnt take it anymore
for some reason she never sits in her seat at the theater
she stands up and leans against the seat in front her with her head peering over at the screen
but she stands up and screams directly at oz

Just Do It!!!!

I was on the floor laughing
I was looking back at other assholes in the theater like, ‘you hear that?! that 3 year old cute screetchy voice was MY daughters!!’

you ever feel yourself getting WAY to excited for something that no one else even noticed
Im getting ‘shooshed’ over here by these focused movie goers.
thats when I knew I was too high

I mean, I know I said that the sugar cookie didnt kick in until the movie was over
you know I smoked a big bowl right before I went in haha

okay so its 8:05 AM now
and im listening to this Dr Amit Goswami episode
and its crazy
hes describing what ‘rationalizing’ means
and you know what, ive never even thought about it
but hes saying that rationalizing is a negative thing
some people have no evolved to the point to use any other type of thinking yet
so they cram RATIONAL thinking into whatever the issue is
in fact that will be the only type of thinking that they are capable of
thats got to be some sort of right brain trauma
like your dad was in the army and never let you play with GI Joes
and now you are some pissed off CHP officer
and if someones tail pipe is a little to close to the road
it manifests as you beating the living shit out of them because they lacked uniformity

we rationalize where intuition belongs
we rationalize where emotion belongs

crazy shit Dr Amit, crazy shit
apparently there are 4 ways of knowing
omg whenever this guy talks, AS SOON as hes finished rogan has some pre loaded bullshit
he just loves the sound of his own voice
hmmmm… kinda like me… =/
I hate knowing how hate works
cause you can instantly trace it right back to what you hate about yourself hahaha!!!

but anyway…
you know whats really weird?
my brother and I were talking about this the other day
it seems like there has been a shift in conciousness since the 2012 winter solstace

omg now Rogan is talking about how much good his own podcasts has done
haha i gotta turn this shit off!!!

but anyway… back to what I was saying
it seems like there has been a shift and more people are ‘waking up’
or maybe im just the last asshole to take note
but it seems like peoples ears are perking up to the questions that God has been asking to each one of us
or maybe its just me
im just in such a different place than ive ever been before
I just want to be able to help people you know? and attain the most amount of enlightenment possible.
Just getting into that numberology book
and reading about my karmatic numbers (2,6 & 7)
and my soul number
we all have a purpose in this life
were all different but were all part of the same team
and we are only as strong as our weakest link

omg im pretty high right now and am feeling the pull of this devil baseball game. errr… I really should edit this whole fucking thing cause im sure its a mess, but ill post now and take care of the rest later…

btw if you want to follow me on instagram its AngryPirate37

4 thoughts on “jumbled high thoughts…

  1. I love your rendition of OZ. I too saw the movie blasted and was just so into how freaking colorful it was. I like your writing style, I feel like it’s a long poem of thoughts.

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