so shit got crazy yesterday

it all started with a small fight the night before

i walked into the room and saw my wife had crashed on HER side the reason I say SIDE is because the bed was divided into 2 areas first we had the “sleep-able” area then we had the side with 2 feet of bullshit on it laundry, papers, toys

so i go… ‘wtf man?! you really sunk to a new low this time and shes like ‘last night you didnt clean off my side’ and i was like ‘i expect this kind of behavior from ME, but YOU?! WoooooooooW… i would never expect this bullshit from you. it saddens me. youre not the person i thought you were. Your zodiac was right! YOU ARE A BITCH!!’

well the last part was said in my head

So I wake up bright and early and Im playing with my daughter and my wife comes in and says ‘I WANT to tell you something, but I dont want YOU to get mad.’

Now my biggest pet peeve in the world is when someone does something really bad, but then places the responsibility of an appropriate reaction on YOU.

And its always the same My wife could like burn everything I own and then be like ‘Youre probably going to be a dickhead about this LIKE ALWAYS but I just wanted to tell you, your shits burned son!’ and then I would have two options. Follow the laws of physics and have an equal and opposite reaction, which then would place me in the “MAD” category.

Or…. I could be like ‘my clothes? you burnt my clothes? oh… well that sucks dick, but im sure there is a lesson to be learned here.

THANK YOU so much for being the vessel brought to me to extract this extremely valuable life lesson.

It has nothing to do with you, for this whole situation Ive manifested in my life to help me unlock and conqueror the path to enlightenment.’ Right now im like in the middle stages.

Where I used to fucking explode anytime something went bad. Now im kinda like ‘ehh, well, thats on you homie, but you GOTS TO GO!’ Not really the best way to handle a situation. I thought back to myself. This is a valid way to handle a problem. A good man would handle it the way I have. No hostility.

Just actions of protection. Oh, the thing she told me that made me LIVID was, she went behind my back and filed her taxes. So I was like, get in the car, im taking you to your moms house.

Yeah, I dropped her off at her moms, so what. I just needed some time to think. I went to my moms house a few towns over and sparked up. My brother and I went outside and threw the football for a few hours and just kinda bullshitted. My head cleared up and I was like ‘fuck it. I love this bitch. ima call her.’

No answer.

No biggie.

Whats the worst that could happen?

I got a little side tracked. I had to show my brother this 4 hour documentary online. Its called Hidden in Plain sight… or view… or something. Type in Hidden in Plain Washington lol.

so im watching this doc for the second time and i get a text message. ‘I hope you get your shit soon, the cops broke your window and your doors are unlocked and I dont want the homeless people taking all your stuff.’


Hell no Hell no Hell no.

I called the cops. They said they didnt dispatch an officer to break my window.

I went all the way back to Modesto. I was thinking, shes probably bullshitting. No one gets THAT mad for dropping you off at your moms.


The whole front window was annihilated! And its the fucking front waist high window.

I opened the door.


The WHOLE apartment.

Fuck it. I called the cops.

The guy who arrived was like a minute away. Anyway, there was nothing that he could do. ‘Is she your wife? Well then youre fucked’ EVERYTHING GONE. Except my broken ps3 lol

The cop was funny, he was like ‘you dont seem mad, you seem like you really like her’ ‘yeah, i dig the crazy bitch’ As I was leaving, I was like, by the way, is there some sort of city ordinance where bums cant sleep in the park? he said yeah absolutely. in fact for the longest time no one was allowed at the park past a certain time.

I let a big sigh of relief go.

UP until last year, they did a city wide vote and they determined that this park should be the ONLY one where it is actually ENCOURAGED for the homeless to sleep.


Now I live on 4th street. Its fucking scary. Sirens all night. And I live RIGHT across from the park.

And its not like I have a problem with the homeless. My calling in life I think is to help people. But I gotta protect my kin!

Anyway, I went back to my parents and swooped my bro and we nailed some boards to the window.

I was going to place my Buddha statue in front of the door, like, dog you gonna have to step over BUDDHA to break into my apartment and steal my shit lol It was weird.

All yesterday, all this shit was going down and I couldnt NOT be happy. I was glowing and laughing. Enjoying the moment. It was beautiful and I was able to be IN the moment.

The old me would have been clinching my fists and shaking like Lewis Black. Its all bullshit though. Its all just a negative vibration. Fuck it.

I ended up taking my brother to my psychic.

I couldnt really hear his reading but he said she was spot on with a handful of things. We went home and just hung out for the rest of the night.

Watching old Patrice ONeal videos on youtube lol

Sure enough I wake up in the middle of the night and have like 7 missed calls and a shit load of text messages.

And so it begins. The crying. The apologizing.

Its so weird because I used to look at a situation like, wtf! you victimized me! now im like, well I fucked up somehow lol I know now that ive manifested everyone in my life to help me grow, not to hurt me.

Fucking crazy lol alright well i gotta get on with my day! I will patch things up today with my wife =)


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