Ok so its by time I make my first post
I didnt know how fucking lazy I am
The problem is, I get high and end up watching documentaries on astrology
and spend the next hour googling ‘deep space astrology’
but I found out that my ruling planet is Jupiter (ah shit son)
now im determined to go to this psychic I found in modesto lol
The reason I didnt write yesterday was because I saw this book called Angels lying around
and it fucking blew my mind
but then my nephew took it home with him
Im so pissed because I find myself fascinated with everything I shouldnt be
I started reading the Alchemist
and I really want to finish it
but I got half way through and now Im deliberately finding other things to distract me
ok what else
oh Sarah, Lincoln and I all went down to the antique stores in turlock
didnt really find anything
haha im watching Dead Man with Johnny Depp and my favorite actor is in it!!!
ok so apparently hes the worst
but he so nuts
I think hes legitimately crazy
like that must be hell
being Crispin 24/7

I also had another great idea today
I knew I had a busy day today so I didnt really want to get too baked this morning
two hits seemed reasonable
next thing you know im cooking my famous egg in a toast
and bam
I realized I should make internet videos called like prop 215 michael makes eggs
and I wont imply at all that Im stoned
but it will be very clear in my eyes lol
and ill just go over stoner treats
and ill have music or some shit in the backround
at best im hoping for a small following in the range of 6-9 followers
and if that goes off without a hitch, its fucking podcast time!
btw this Dead Man movie isnt so bad so far

omg my wife just called me and she got us a paradise dessert from chilis
wtf man im trying to watch my health!!
well i havent really started to watch my diet yet
but im so close to executing a strict diet
I can feel it with every piece of non-nutritious piece of food i choke down
I know once were back to having our own kitchen it will be easier to eat right
we were supposed to stay the night at our new place in modesto
but we ended up running out of time
its just so fucking ghetto over there
kinda scary but i know everything will be ok
just not the kind of place I want to get used to
hopefully we can move back to the southern part of the state soon
or somewhere nice
I was thinking Lincoln, Nebraska
partly because my kid is named Lincoln and I think that would be funny
and partly because Edgar Cayce said that Nebraska was going to be the west coast in 2100
but who fucking knows
Im constantly torn because I find myself reacting out of fear
and uh, from what I hear, its really a bad way to be

well sarahs on her way so I gotta go
I promise to spend more time on this soon!!

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