1. So i just put in an 2 day old, stale-ish cookie from, fuck whats the name of that new burrito place (Freebirds!)
  2. anyway, i just put the cookie in the electric oven
  3. so remind me in a few minutes so it doesnt get burned to shit
  4. I am so mad cause I went to make my famous toast egg
  5. and were out of fucking eggs!
  6. omg im listening to the Dave Attell right now and his joke about getting a hernia is the fucking best written joke
  7. ah my cookies burnt
  8. but i really want to start eating organic
  9. I was having a minor argument with my uncle about if it is okay to smoke weed
  10. my point was fuck yeah its ok, it says in like the first 100 words of the bible that god gifted us seed producing herb!
  11. and hes like “well even if it is an seed producing herb, he didnt mean you could just go around smoking it! he didnt mean you could take cocaine extract from a plant cause its a plant!”
  12. and then im like, “now youre speaking on behalf of God! he didnt say you couldnt smoke herb, or ingest it in any way for that matter.”
  13. and he was like, “well God says you have to have a sober mind”
  14. then I said “well now youre basing that scripture on the fact that perhaps you had an experience in with cannabis where YOU felt un-sober. We can now call into question your experiences, your INTERPRETATION of what sober is. I personally think that experiencing the natural bud (not extract, or something where you have to add some chemical, just the fresh plucked bud) of Gods gift to mankind is a more optimal level of soberness than the radiation of your television, the toxins in your food, and the brain killers in medication!!”
  15. It literally blows my mind that people still condone pharmaceuticals, but if you grow a fucking PLANT in your yard youre vilified.
  16. If everyone got off of pills and woke up in the morning and just took two hits off a pin sized joint, youd be good for the day.
  17. all your bullshit that you had at the office, gone. the boss would be like, hey wtf, youre late! blah blah
  18. and youd be like, smiling weird. fucking happy. you wouldnt be the energy source absorbing all the bad vibes.
  19. youd be excited to drop the bars of your prison.
  20. life is so much better in a realm of good vibration, and positive thoughts.
  21. i tried to explain to my uncle “bro youve been sold this style of slavery. you are choosing to exist on this track of anxiety, and panic, and… idk… just bullshit. people have existed forever without some of the things we THINK we need now.”
  22. Like I was telling my brother the other day about cell phones and he was like “ah fuck that, im not giving up my cell phone.”
  23. But its like, if the point of your existence is to grow, and there is still no conclusive study on the effects of cell phones, wouldnt it be wise to lay off the thing that could perhaps retard your spiritual growth until you are 100% confident in your risk?
  24. The other day I dropped my brand fucking new Note II on the ground. Apparently there is no Gorilla Glass V.whatever.
  25. The mother fucker shattered and I felt like I lost a loved one.
  26. Ive literally cracked nearly everything I own. I cracked my favorite pipe the other day. My mom dropped my ipad on the ground when I asked her to take a routine picture. I cracked my iphone 4s the second day I got it. I cracked my ps3 open while attempting to fix it, it is now completely ruined. In fact, my dad ripped off the bumper of my car when he was backing up the other day lol
  27. It seems as if there is a cosmic war on every physical thing I own.
  28. I finally changed the battery in my car yesterday, apparently it wasnt even the right sized battery.
  29. Also got a used tire for 30 bucks to replace my front driver side tire. It was to the point where the car would start violently shaking on the freeway if I went over 49 mph.
  30. I would be screaming at over-sized concrete trucks for riding my ass in the slow lane.
  31. ok well before I start my day, I want to say Im going to start reading other blogs and really try to make mine cooler lol
  32. Holy shit I just found out that I can number my blog like its biblical haha. amazing!
  33. aight peace!



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