WTF thats why it took me so long to start a mother f-ing blog!

Well this is my blog and its going to be written how i talk/speak so it wont be so easy to read for anyone who values punctuation or proper spelling.

Hopefully it will be like my journal where i just write stuff down that interests me, and less me talking about all my bullshit. 

Hopefully this wont get too spacey. 

I am a very open person and I enjoy entertaining ideas, regardless of how far fetched they may ultimately be. 

I really dont know what else to put on my first fucking post so uhhh peace!


One thought on “OMG I have to think of titles too?

  1. Hi there! just started reading your blog. thought i could start anywhere but this post jumped out and i had to hit the like button: i can totally relate to how strange and sometimes absurd the internet and its ways can seem. thanks for writing about it and making me laugh out loud 🙂 thanks for being honest and up-front in your posts (which i think are pretty cool so far tho i will keep checking) and thanks for liking one of my posts so i could find you out in the huge galaxy that is the web 🙂 (good to know i’m not the only one who finds it hard to press “publish”!) take care and all the best! peace and happy bloggin’! 😉 x

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